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Schooling is one of the most important phases of an individual’s life. Everything that they are as adults has its roots in their schooling and what they learned. Therefore, it is crucial to find the top school which will match your children’s creativity, intelligence, and temperament and eventually helps them to attain overall success in life.


So, now you may have this question - Which are some of the top schools near me?




There are certain things to keep in mind to find the best school for your children like affordability, infrastructure, curriculum, faculty and management, core values of the school etc.


Do your research. Before filtering out schools for your child, analyze what works best for your family. Talking to like-minded parents and asking them for suggestions might also help. Noida has top schools across a spectrum of price ranges. So, examine your budget and find a school with a reasonable fee structure providing good academic training along with other activities. The values and morals imparted by the school is a vital factor. The school's infrastructure should also be considered. Look at if the school premises are clean. The school should have adequate space for conducting different activities.


The school curriculum plays the most important role of all because the curriculum forms the foundation on which your children’s dreams can be built. Some schools provide more than one curriculum. CBSE works best for our country because a lot of schools offer CBSE in all places. There is a sense of uniformity with CBSE which helps parents who get transferred frequently. ICSE provides a deep knowledge of the subject and is a little difficult compared to CBSE. It is the best for children wanting to pursue Humanities. International boards are generally opted by children wanting to go abroad. But, there are schools like GIIS which provide international education with Indian curriculum.


When searching for top schools, look at the faculty and the management. Talk to the staff. Talking to them will help to understand their attitude and communication skills. Also, look if the school has a full-time specialized staff like a speech therapist, career counsellors or a psychologist. Here are some of the top schools which meet all these requirements.




Global Indian International School (GIIS) is one of the top schools of Noida. It has won a high position in the Innovators category of the distinguished Times School Survey (2020). It offers a world class campus providing prestigious opportunities to all the students helping them to achieve their highest potential and grooming them to become great leaders of tomorrow. The school was established in the year 2002 with the main aim to foster students into well-developed citizens and provide them with a global platform through its quality education, skilled faculty, ultra-modern facilities and infrastructure. The school believes that along with academic excellence, extracurriculars should have equal importance. 


The students’ holistic development is of utmost priority here. Each and every student gets an opportunity to learn from multiple perspectives and people from different cultural backgrounds as it is an international school. This enhances their personality. The school also gives some scholarships that mould the future of students and open a gateway to top-notch universities all over the world for them. The scholarships also help students who wish to pursue education in an international school but do not have adequate financial support.




Apeejay School, affiliated to CBSE was founded in the year 1981 and since then it has established itself amongst the top schools in Noida. This school boasts of academic excellence and a sprawling 15-acre campus, in a lush green environment, being conducive to learning. It has carved out a niche for itself in the educational scenario with high educational standards and excellence in various extracurricular activities. 


With an objective to foster well-developed students, the school has integrated its activities in all spheres such as – recitation, creative writing, sports, public speaking, drama, music, dance, fine arts, etc. The faculty strive to have an institution that upholds the highest professional standards of excellence in education and innovative instructional practices.




Shriram Millennium located in Noida, is a co-ed school affiliated to the ICSE Board, New Delhi with an 83% Average Exam Percentage. It also has the Cambridge Secondary 1 program for classes VI-VIII. The ultimate goal of the school is to make their children life-long learners and responsible global citizens. 


The faculty provide learning opportunities that empower and enable the students to work collaboratively with and within the global environment by building and enhancing self-confidence. Their processes and systems are designed and implemented to demonstrate sensitivity towards the environment and help children learn the same. The children are also taught to be kind to people and communities that are different from them. 


They make sure that each child’s capability, however different, is honed so that they achieve their highest potential and grow into progressive individuals who contribute meaningfully to the global community. Find out all about the nursery school admission form online.


With good research along with the above few tips, you can confidently decide on the best school for your child.

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