Which Car to Rent in Dubai Ferrari 488 GTB or Ferrari 458 Italia?

ferrari car

Ferrari is a well-renowned car brand in the world and every car enthusiast has a crush on it. The company’s history and car models, they launched throughout its inspection were nothing less than spectacular. Dubai is a city where rich people are fond of expensive luxury cars. Whether it is Ferrari or Lamborghini egoista. Luxury car rental is a business which showed tremendous growth in the last few years. Ferrari brand 488 GTB and 458 Italia become an instant hit the time they hit the consumer market. All the luxury car rental dubai based companies have both of the models in their showroom due to huge demand. In this article, I will compare some of the good points that make it easier for you to choose among both of the cars.  

So what are some of the major differences between ferrari 488 GTB or Ferrari 458 italia. They only differ in engine power, weight and speed which makes both of them unique in their own way.

Ferrari 488 GTB Performance

Driving aficionados perceive the 488 GTB name as an arrival to the exemplary Ferrari model assignment — 488 shows the motor's unitary relocation, while GTB represents Gran Turismo Berlinetta. Expect execution that satisfies those exclusive requirements.

This twin-turbo V8 motor conveys up to 660 hp at 8,000 rpm and 561 lb-ft at 3,000 rpm for a top speed of 205 mph. Winning the International Engine of the Year alongside numerous different honors, the thunder and soundtrack display unadulterated Ferrari control!

Ferrari 458 Italia Performance

The 458 Italia has brought home more than 30 worldwide honors and checking, including "Best Performance Engine" and "Best Engine Above 4 Liters" from the International Engine of the Year Awards. The normally suctioned V8 motor directions up to 562 hp @ 9,000 rpm and 398 lb-ft of torque @ 6,000 rpm for the greatest speed of 202 mph.


As you see both of the cars are unique in their character but yet they are solid cars. It's up to to your personality which one you want to rent for your travel. 488 GTB has more horsepower than 458 italia but on the other hand, it has more rpm. Speed wise both are the same and they will give you thrill once you will drive it. Both of them is a successful model and consumer showed affection to both of the cars. You can rent Ferrari in dubai for any kind of event you are going to. For all those who can’t afford these luxury cars, they can rent it by paying money between 3k to 5k AED.  

Final Thoughts

Duba is a city where spotting luxury supercars on roads are the norm and people become used to it. For people who can’t afford it, they just rent it, As driving Ferrari adds class and style in their personality. You can rent Ferrari at a good price by just contacting the luxury car rentals dubai company. Before renting always read their terms in order to avoid any dispute.