Which Common Mistakes We Should Avoid When Writing An Essay?


Writing an essay can be tough if one is not aware of content structuring. Many people write at a very generative pace but as we are humans, we tend to make mistakes. Likewise, while one is writing an essay there are things to be taken care of. A writer’s introduction and writing tone, in the beginning, decides how common and what common mistakes he/she may do.

Creating sentences that are complete and agree with all the grammatical structures get more readers to read your blog as it sounds right and relevant. Creating a successful article requires a couple of skills that every content writer must carry. This century there is a rise in literacy rate and this following decade, there had been a rise for the services of content writing. 

Many students, professionals, and freelancers are providing custom essay writing services to clients across the globe and are inventing staunch approaches for content marketing.  Due to the rise in the number of content writers, there is now strong competition among writers around the world. And according to the statistics, content writing services have seen a rise than digital marketing services. 

How to write an essay in five easy steps

  • Select your niche

Readers read best articles, guest posts, blogs, press releases, and dissertations when the pro-writer selects the right niche to write on. It is very important that before selecting the topic, you go through all the requirements of your clients and their tone. Your selection of the topic is associated with your research therefore, always be keen with your selection.

  • Brainstorm and Research

Being creative requires an influential intellect and knowledge of delivering the services. There are many experts present over the globe that have very strong research and development skills. People who often research dissertation services end up being among the best dissertation writing services provider as its basic requirement is research skills.  Brainstorming will help you in discussing relevant key points in your essay.

  • Organize and build an outline

Every building requires its structure to be designed to examine how your building will look after construction. Likewise, building an outline of your essay helps you visualize how your content may look in the end when it is done. An outline always requires catchy headlines, images, infographics, etc. You can organize your article by creating headlines for each paragraph will write.

  • Write with an enriched vocabulary

The most crucial part of an essay is your writing as it determines how you are going to construct your words according to the outline you created. Every writer makes sure the use of simple-to-understand vocabulary to be added so the reader does not find it boring. Your writing format will decide your writing tone and that will construct your essay. Out of all steps, writing requires more human effort and brain to be used to produce beneficial outcomes. 

  • Revise and proofread twice

Being an editor of your content is not an easy task as well. Finding your own mistakes requires strong knowledge of work and for that one shall know what kind of audience they are targeting. People often forget that it is not easy to accept your mistakes therefore, opening your third eye may help you achieve your goal.

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid while Writing an Essay

Every writer may be unique with his writing style and thinking but we all are humans and similar to each other. Yes, we are not at all congruent and this is why we all make common mistakes. A survey was done and it highlighted the following mistakes to avoid while writing an essay:

  • Work on your subject-verb agreement. 
  • Stop cutting corners by adding incomplete sentences.
  • Wordiness.
  • Do not use colloquial terms or slang.  
  • Work on your subject-verb agreement

Grammatical errors are often done by many writers making native learners laugh. Basic language issues are sorted by pros and covered for a better outcome. Writers must take care of all the issues from their end to build trust with the clients and the readers. Subject-verb agreement error is very common between writers from Asia who are delivering content in English. Well, it is not only about English but every writer needs to know basic grammatical errors to have a strong grip over the language.

  • Stop cutting-corners by adding incomplete sentences

Another issue for beginner writers is that they use incomplete sentences and that leaves others with a query regarding what the writer meant. Switching from one topic to another or being a devil’s advocate in the middle of a sentence leads to a loss of interest in reading the content. So, make sure you always deliver the right meaning of what you write as what you write is how you define topics.

  • Wordiness

Making big sentences by adding extra words to protect yourself from common thinking is one of the worst ways. Adding irrelevant words in your essay tends to explain to the reader that one was trying to be extra efficient or could not explain his point. Experts concisely deliver their point with the right words. Just know what point a writer needs to explain to avoid wordiness.

  • Do not use colloquial terms or slangs

Adding slang to your essay will directly lead towards the termination as readers dislike being too informal if they are book-geeks. Delivering an essay requires an informal tone but not words that are considered slang according to the literature. It is better to use easy words and idioms to spice up your content. Many writers often use slang without noticing that they did. This issue is very common and must need to be taken care of.

How to cover common mistakes to have a good essay?

3 steps may help you to cover common mistakes for a prosperous future. You may follow these for your betterment:

  • Be active.
  • Trust yourself and read books.
  • Become a certified writer.