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Which Hospital in Bangalore provides the Best Neurological Treatment?

Neurology is the branch of medical science which deals with disorders related to the nervous system. It further includes health issues related to blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and the brain. The primary areas of neurology are:

  • Central system
  • Peripheral System
  • Autonomic System

A physician who works for the treatment of the neurological system of the human body is known to be a neurologist. He/she is the neurological surgeon who treats neurological disorders via surgery.

Neurological Treatment-BMH

A neurologist is expected to complete the medical schooling of around 8 years and must have completed post-graduation of 3-4 years. After completion of residency, a neurologist may continue to attain fellowship in the other areas of neurology. These may include the areas like pain management, behavioral neurology, epilepsy, and clinical neurophysiology.

Neurological disorders differ between infants, adults, and young children. In case if a person is younger than 18 years of age and is affected by neurological disorders; they must see a pediatric neurologist. Other disorders that affect the pediatric population include complex metabolic disease, learning disability, muscle disease, and cerebral palsy.

A pediatric neurologist is different from an adult neurologist. He/she must have attained 4 years of medical degree with 5 years of graduate training that further consisted of pediatric training of 2 years.

Diagnosis and Treatments Associated with Neurology -

A neurologist is trained to provide a diagnosis of neurological disorders. He/ She first checks for any nervous system defect. Thereafter, the patient’s history is reviewed followed by a neurological exam that further helps to assess the function of mental coordination, mental status, reflexes, strength, sensation, and cranial nerves.

Once the diagnosis is done, other tests may be warranted to guide the treatment. The complete diagnosis is carried out by computer-based tests like magnetic resonance imaging, electromyography, and computed axial tomography scan.

Neurological disorders are further associated with other diseases or disorders like brain cancer, spinal cord disorder, a disease that affects the peripheral nerves and neuromuscular junctions. Other divisions of neurological science include neuro-oncology that helps to manage patients with primary disorders related to a brain tumor and neurological complications of cancer.

The primary areas of body parts and the activities that further describe the neurological disorders:

Headache -

If a person is having a sudden onset of headache and is living with any disruptive activity, then he/she must consult a neurologist. There can be different types of headaches that must cater to different treatments and professionals. If your headache persists for more than 5-6 months, you need to consult a neurologist and change your lifestyle.

Weakness in the face muscles and the limbs -

If you have developed weakness in the limbs of your body, i.e., arms and legs, or have any facial changes or any kind of asymmetry in the muscles of the face, you need to consult a neurologist. There is a possibility that you may have developed a stroke or brain attack or maybe a paralysis. In case you have a rapid increase in pain in your legs and arms then these are the signs that you must look for a neurologist.

Sleep Disturbances -

Healthy sleep or eight hours of sleep is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. If you are facing any issue related to your sleeping style, do a visit to a neurologist. Lack of sleep can affect your daytime or the lifestyle you carry. If the condition persists a number of times, talk to a doctor and get into healthy sleep.

If you have started forgetting things easily -

If your brain is taking time to catch the things or to accommodate the same for a longer time, this may be the symptom of neurological problems. Other disorders related to this are difficulty in the basic calculation, behavioral difficulties, lack of interest in the surrounding, lack of concern for others, etc. Many a time, people forget their home address and contact details but if such conditions happen more than twice or thrice, you need to go to a neurologist.

Best Neurology Hospital in Bangalore -

Vikram Hospital Bangalore is the department of neurosciences that further combines the expertise of neurology, neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, and neuro-radiology. It possesses the state-of-art that further helps patients to feel at home. It has advanced surgical technology to offer that takes good care of all irrespective of their gender type and disease or disorder.

Vikram Hospital possesses more than 100 years of experience in diagnosing patients with neurological disorders. It has attained a vast area of knowledge that enables it to provide the simplest solutions to highly complicated medical issues. The multi-specialty Vikram Hospital is a prestigious hospital in Bangalore that has completely passed a complexity in testing the difficulties related to neuroscience.

The hospital has a team of doctors who have performed more than 5 years of specialty in treating or diagnosing brain and spine surgeries and other related complex natures. The staff of the hospital lives up to the promise and delivers quality services while being on the standards of healthcare.

Vikram Hospital combines the areas of expertise so that it can provide home-like comfort to its patients. It possesses all the necessary surgical facilities including the prevention, treatment, diagnosis, and other wide range of services for treating neurological disorders. It has proved itself to be the best in the center of care, especially for neurological issues.

Conclusion -

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