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Which is best - CA Financial Management or Corporate Management?

The Account and finance industry requires hiring much more specialized employees. Obtaining a CA degree is the path to take the first step towards getting recruited by these industries. Many people have confusion about which financial certification is best. Hence, they get confused and cannot decide which is best CA financial Management or corporate financial Management. We can help you understand the difference between the two in an appropriate way.

If you like mathematics, accounts, calculations, you can approach CA financial Management by taking it in your course. If you are more into administration, then you can take up corporate financial Management. This informative article will help you select the best course for your career and help decide which is best for CA financial management or corporate financial Management.

Financial Management

Financial Management is all about managing and monitoring activities such as procuring and utilizing money in an organization. Take care of the Investments, salaries, shares, dividends annual costs of the financial management aspect.


  1. Investment steps contain the annual budget calculations. Investing in trending services is also a part of investing in investment decisions called working capital decisions.
  1. Costing decisions: This is all concerning the gathering funds for finance-related work from different sources, depending on the type, total time duration of collaborations, and cost of sponsorship.
  1. Profitable decisions: The finance manager will decide the best ways to distribute the profit. Divide the earnings into equals between the collaborators. 
  1. Shareholders' decisions: How much amount and ratio each shareholder will get from the profit depend upon the management body's annual budget.


Financial Management is generally controlling the financial resources of an organization. Listed below are the objectives of the same -

  1. Security of regular and sufficient amounts of money to the collaborators
  1. The certainty of the distribution of profit to the shareholders
  1. Share the Market rate of an organization if it is available in the list of NSE or BSE.
  1. The certainty of investing money in trustable businesses
  1. The certainty of liability in investors or their firms, i.e., the organizations, can maximize profit.
  1. Planning a reasonable annual cost that benefits the organization reasonably.

Functions of Financial Manager - 

  1. Evaluation of principal requirements: A finance team will evaluate the chief provisions of the company. It will depend on the planned costs and profits and plans of a company. Prepare the evaluations reasonably, which will increase the enterprise's income capacity. 
  1. Diagnosis of principal composition: After doing the evaluation, decide the central structure. IT involves short- term and extended-term debt-equity analysis. It will rely on the ratio of equity principal a company possesses and raise the additional amount from outside companies. 
  1. Substitute of sources of Money: For making extra income, a company has several choices like listed.
  • Share market and other sources
  • Loan amount from banks and other parties.
  •  Public deposits are in the form of liquid or bonds.
  • The choice of factor will depend on each source's relative merits and demerits and period of financing.
  1. Investment of Money: The finance manager and the team have to decide to distribute money into profitable companies to secure good returns.
  1. Management of Money: The finance manager has to make decisions concerning cash management. Cash is necessary for many purposes like payment of wages and salaries, payment of electricity and water bills, the fee to creditors, meeting current liabilities, maintaining enough material, buying raw materials, etc. 
  1. Financial controls: The finance manager has to design, procure, and utilize the funds, but he also has to practice control over finances. Does this through many techniques like ratio analysis, financial forecasting, cost and profit control, etc? 

Importance of CA Financial Management 

The importance of financial planning includes -

  1. It helps to maintain a balance between outflow and inflow of finance to manage stability.
  1. It ensures that financial suppliers can easily invest in companies which work for CA financial Management.
  1. It prevents uncertainties concerning updated market trends that can handle any situation with enough funds.

Corporate Financial Management 

Corporate Financial Management is the finance field that works with funding resources, the main structure of corporations, the steps that managers take to increase the value of the market to the stakeholders, and the techniques and research used to provide the financial resources. 

The main aim of corporate financial Management is to increase the value of the shareholders. 

Sources of Corporate Financial Management 

  1. Debt Capital - Corporations may depend on the credit funds as sources of investment to manage ongoing business operations or maintain future growth, such as bank loans, payable notes, and bonds issued to the public.
  1. Equity Capital - In the equity capital, corporation management can sell its shares to its investors and stakeholders to raise finance worth. There will be an increment in trend over time to invest in a profitable buying.
  1. Preferred Stock - It is an equity security that may contain the collection of features that are not possessed by common stock, including properties of equity and a debt instrument. It is also a specified class of shares that consists of any combination of features that are generally not possessed by common stock. Some traits associated with this kind of stock are -
  • · Preference in dividends
  • · Preference in liquidations
  • · Callability
  • Nonvoting

Management of Working Capital 

Corporate financial Management uses a mixed functionality of policies and techniques for the planning of working capital.

  1. Cash management - Its functionality is to recognize the cash balance, which allows any business to follow up day to day expenses but decreases the cost of cash holding.
  1. Inventory management - It recognizes the inventory stages available for uninterrupted production, but it reduces the cost of raw materials. Also, it minimizes the cost of reordering. Still, it can improve cash flow. 
  1. Debtors Management - There are mainly two types of inter-connected roles:

1) Recognize the valid credit policy

2) Execute genuine credit scoring policies and techniques so that the risk and mitigation of any new fieldwork are acceptable with debtor’s management.

  1. A short-term finance plan helps manage the source of finance and budget, which works with the cash conversion cycle. Credit approved by the supplier manages the inventory of the finance plan. Apart from that, it requires a bank loan or overdraft. 

Capitalization Structure of Corporate Financial Management 

Two essential points required to consider when planning with corporate financial Management are-

  • Management should recognize the mix of financing or capital structure, which turns to the highest firm profit. Still, consider some facts while financing a project through debt results in a factor of liability thus obtained.
  • Corporate financial Management tries to access the long-term financing mix to the assets and liabilities based on the maturity pattern parameters or duration that help manage the working capital management. To manage corporate governance, hedging with the use of interest rates and securitization technique is useful.


"Which financial certification is best," the answer to this question relies on your interest. From the discussion above, CA financial management is a simple technique to manage the assets, debts, and liabilities, personal, corporate, or non-profit. Compared to that, corporate financial Management is the actual Management of a stockholder, which has owned its assets and debts. Added to that, Corporate financial management professionals work upon the observation of cash flows, which manages the resources of alternative strategies and works with leverages and capital structures. 

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