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Which is Best: Nectar vs Purple Bed

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Nectar Mattress

The revolutionary new way to sleep, invented by NASA Scientists and Engineers is the Nectar Mattress. Ideal support for any sleeping position - comfort, coolness, firmness and breathability. Nectar molds around your body providing all your aches and pains at night. It's firm enough to support you all night but soft enough not to be too soft where you are sensitive. Even on those 99 degrees nights with the heat turned up to high, Nectar sleeps pleasantly, evenly regulating heat for a perfect temperature all evening long.

  • Durability - Just like all other natural materials, Nectar is made of natural compounds. When you first receive your Nectar mattress, or for that matter a trial period, the manufacturer will inspect the mattress for impurities like dust, mold, mildew, lignin, and off-gassing gases. If these are detected, the company will notify you and refund your money or send you a new mattress. The company is not responsible for any damage caused by the testing process.

  • Layers - The revolutionary new Nectar sleep mattress contains two layers of special moisture-repelling and temperature-modulating foam called the comfort layer and the temperature regulation layer. Each layer has an air permeating quality to keep you cool and to help maintain your temperature during your sleep. The breathable open cell construction of the Nectar mattress allows air to circulate through the mattress providing superior comfort. You are able to control the temperature of the comfort layer by regulating the airflow through strategically located vents. This layer makes Nectar different from other brands and you should consider this when you make checklist comparisons such as Nectar vs Purple checklist.

  • Relief of Painful Pressure Points - In traditional mattresses, the springs inside support the weight of the body. This causes pressure points such as your shoulders, to become extremely painful and sore during your sleep. However, with the new Nectar, your body is gently supported by the air cells. This allows you to relax and sleep without pain.

  • Mattress Sags - All-foam is not very dense and therefore, it holds on to a flat surface very well. When you lie on a traditional mattress, it sags down towards the ground because it has nowhere else to go. However, all-foam has a long memory and will hold onto its flat surface like a board.

  • Visco-Elastic Body Material - The plush foam used to make the bed will mold to the natural contours of your body giving you the support you need. There is no wiggling or shifting with this mattress so it conforms easily to any body form. It also includes a Visco-elastic body panel that provides exceptional support. Because the Visco-elastic layer does not sag, there is no dampness or chemical build-up either. The result is a refreshing sleep that is free of irritation and pressure points caused by traditional mattresses.


The best mattress company in the world makes a revolutionary all-foam mattress that gives you ultimate support and durability. The company uses a proprietary design and materials to ensure that the mattresses have superior comfort and support. You will feel the difference after only a few days of using it. Visco-elastic layers that hug your body provide the ultimate mattress comfort that lasts a lifetime. The mattress company offers a 30-day money back guarantee that will give you peace of mind. Give the Nectar bed a try today.

Purple Mattress

Purple mattress pads have long been a top choice for people who suffer from back problems. Purple mattress is often associated with royalty and comes from the shades of purple that are often seen on furniture, tapestries and tapestry blankets. These are highly coveted pieces of bedding that can cost thousands of dollars. While many people cannot afford to buy these expensive mattresses, there is an alternative that will allow any person to have the same high quality of sleep that they are used to getting. This is by getting a Purple mattress topper.

Purple Mattress Toppers are designed to add extra padding to existing beds without having to make drastic changes to the bed. The toppers are created with a mix of two different types of materials. There are traditional pads that come with the normal rectangular shape and the hybrid mattress toppers which are shaped to look like layers of traditional leather pouches. The advantage to this is the extra comfort that the hybrid pads provide because of their more plush design.

One major complaint that many people have about traditional pads is that they do not provide a lot of support to the sleeper's lower back or their stomach. This is because the thickness of the pad prevents any movement along those areas. With the conventional mattress toppers, this movement is prevented but the sleeper still ends up with some discomfort in their lower back, their stomach region. With the new style of mattress toppers, this problem has been eliminated.

Floating Design - Another thing to note about this type of pad is that it is usually available in a "floating" design. What this means is that you will be able to adjust the firmness of the mattress to the level of comfort that you would like to have. This feature will surely stand out when you look for Nectar vs Purple bed comparison. Simply switch the top layer over as needed. In addition, the toppers usually have side panels that can be removed so that the mattress can be deflated and reused if desired.

Latex Foam Core - Another thing to note about these pads is that they are generally made with a latex foam core. The most common form of latex foam is called the grid. When looking for a good quality Purple mattress, the latex foam grid is typically the best option. A grid mattress is also firmer than most other types of pads currently on the market.

Purple Mattress Toppers will generally include some sort of indentations or sagging mesh around the entire perimeter. This is designed to reduce the effects of pressure sagging on your mattress. Unfortunately, most mattress toppers on the market do not have anywhere near the durability or life span that one could find in an above-average mattress pad. However, many consumers actually prefer the sagging mesh and firmness offered by the Purple variety. The sagging mesh allows the mattress to be compressed while sleeping, which in turn alleviates pressure sagging.

Some Purple mattress toppers include a special mid layer. The mid-layer helps protect the mattress from becoming overheated while the original mattress is in use. This prevents a mattress from developing what is called "wearing out" which commonly occurs when a mattress is used without properly cared for. Many Purple mattress toppers include a special mid-layer that helps guard against developing this type of damage.


Purple hybrid mattresses are an excellent choice for many people. These new beds offer many of the benefits of an original mattress at a reduced cost. Although they have many of the same qualities of a regular mattress such as the memory foam and latex foam, they have a number of unique qualities that make them stand out. One of the biggest differences is their ability to provide comfort to all types of sleepers. Because they are so comfortable, many sleepers find themselves unable to get the sleep they require after using a regular mattress. By providing a greater degree of support, the Purple hybrid mattress helps to ensure a better night's sleep.

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