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Which one is Right for You – Xamarin Vs Native App Development?

To find out which one is the best option, Xamarin or Native application development, you will first need to know about these two.  As a business-person when you look for an app developer, you should have an understanding of what you need in your app. Something we will discuss here today. We will discuss both Xamarin and Native mobile app development to help you make the final call, without fretting for anything.

 While Xamarin is a software that uses C# language, run-time, and class library to build both Android and native iOS applications, native app development is different for Android and iOS. 

 Key Features of Xamarin

Here you will get a clear idea about the features of Xamarin that will help you in making a better decision. 

 1. Supports Android

Xamarin is like a supporting framework that works for all the gaming and utility native apps. It helps in providing a seamless experience to users on both smartphones and tablets. Additionally, it also offers a separate software even for the Android watches available in the market today.

 2. Creating Native Apps

Xamarin is a software that is generally useful in app development. It helps in developing native applications for every single platform and operating system. Xamarin is the most preferred choice for business owners, who are on the lookout a bug-free and an error-free app for your Android, iOS, or web operating system.

 3. Development of Apps for Windows

In contrast to other software available in the market, Xamarin enables application developers in developing apps for Windows too. The software comes with a distinct feature of shared coding that helps resolve many issues.

 Key Features of Native App Development

Native app development has several features that are very important in development. So, take a look at the below points for more clarity. 

 1. Safety and Security

Safety and security of the application are the major concerns for both users and developers. Native app development provides you with complete privacy and support. There are no loopholes or gaps that can allow hackers to enter the application and do damage. This is the reason that most people prefer native app development.

 2. Modifications and Updates

Ability to make changes in the app are one of the best features that everyone loves to have. A scope to make modifications and updates in the application, following the user reviews and rating is liked by most business owners and might be the reason native app development is a better option for you. You can make modifications easily and without any hassle. You also get seamless and zero-defect experience, easy updates (as and when you want), so that users can get what they want using an application. 

 3. Built-In Features

It has in-built features like camera, navigation, and location detector that you can opt for in your native application. Users can run their gadgets flawlessly and easily using these features.


Disadvantages in Xamarin Apps 

There is a disadvantage to the many features that Xamarin offers for app development. For example, when you use Xamarin, the latest updates for the app are very slow. This is a big disadvantage for companies that are engaged in the application development, as they cannot upgrade their users as needed. 

 Alternatively, there are some limitations in open-source libraries, and the worst part is, it does not support heavy graphics. 

Disadvantages in Native Apps

One of the biggest disadvantages of native app development is the coding and scripting languages are different for different platforms. It takes a lot of time and money to develop a native app. Moreover, you cannot even launch it on multiple platforms at the same time. 

Wrap Up

Above we have discussed everything in detail about Xamarin and Native app development. Now, it will be easier for you to decide which one you should go for after talking to your App Developer.

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