Which Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training Course?


Yoga teacher training is a crucial stage in the life of a yogi and aspiring Yoga teacher. Planning for the program is even more critical. There are multiple things that should be kept in mind while booking a Yoga TTC program. Which Yoga program to choose is a challenge that a majority of people face. It is advised to keep knowledge of various things while choosing the best Yoga TTC event in Thailand. Talking about questions, you should begin with yourself. Just ask from your inner self- why are you aspiring to attend a Yoga training program? If the answer you get is satisfactory, then only move forward.

Let’s have a look at some of the questions you should ask from the Yoga school before booking a Yoga program for you. This set of questions will also help you in selecting an ideal Yoga retreat in Thailand.

  1. Is the school certified and internationally recognized?

The very first thing you should know is whether the school is certified with Yoga Alliance or other globally-recognized Yoga organizations or not. Certification is an extremely important thing in the modern era, since there is not much scope for the unrecognized population. If you have listed out a few schools, ask them if they are certified or not. Along with the certification of the school, you should also inquire about the teachers.

2. What is the education level and experience of the teachers?

Go through the teachers profiles on the Yoga school’s website. Contact the Yoga center management to provide full details of trainers in the campus. Whether you are going for 200 hour YTTC or 300 hour training, make sure the masters own a degree in Yoga from a prestigious institute. Another thing to enquire about is experience. The more experience your teacher has, the better your development as a yogi will be.


3. What is the class size?

Size of the class is again a major point to know about before you sign up for a Yoga teacher training program. In fact, the number of aspirants also matters in a health retreat in Thailand. If the Yoga program accommodates more the 20-25 students, consider not to attend this. Fewer students in the batch means each one will get enough time and attention from the teacher.

4. Where is the TTC center set in?

In Thailand or anywhere, the location of the program is quite significant. Ideally, the site of the training should be according to the student’s choice. If you love the serenity of woods, consider a program in the midst of delightful vegetation. If you are a beach lover, opt for a beach Yoga program. There are a number of Yoga TTC events being organized on the height of a mountain. It is upon you to choose the best place for you by asking them about the setting of the training program.

5. What are the major topics that the course focuses on?

It is recommended very highly that you check the program curriculum properly. You should have the complete knowledge of what you are going to learn during the course of your training. Make sure to choose the school where Hatha Yoga is the primary topic of education. Ask how much time they give to Meditation and Pranayama. The study of Adjustment and Alignment is of great importance when it comes to Yoga TTC.

6. What’s included and excluded?

Know about each and everything properly so that you don’t have any confusion during the program. You should inquire about the facilities that they provide in the Yoga campus such as 24/7 Wi-Fi, meal program, drinking water, accommodation facilities, etc. You should also ask about the training program fee and cancellation policy.