Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Which Social Media Monitoring Tools Are Right for Your Business?

To keep your business relevant, you need to keep track of Social Media. Still, your customers write so many posts every second that it's hard to keep up. This is what social media monitoring and profanity filtering tools do.

Social media monitoring tools look at posts, hashtags, and trending items essential to your business. These tools let you keep track of what is going on in social media without devoting staff-hours to monitoring it yourself.

Ultimately social media monitoring is all about data collecting and sifting that data to determine what is happening in your social sphere. Data allows you to get ideas about how customers feel about your brand in real-time and give you insights into strategies that might shift their mood.

There are various social media apps, all with their positive and negative attributes. A short synopsis of each is provided for you below:

Synthesio: The selling point of Synthesio is its ability to multi-task. Using this tool, you can monitor several social media sites at once. This will allow you to track the ones pertinent to your business concerns easily.

Reputology: Reputology focuses mostly on review sites and boils down your reviews, both positive and negative, into data and short, easily digestible narratives.

Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro: Reddit considers itself the old guard of social media and is still the go-to for many people. The tool will search its forums for pertinent business information.

Mentionlytics: Mentionlytic's selling point is that it looks for the posts' emotional intent giving you a rough idea of the context.

RSS Syndicator: Syndicator monitors blogs and websites rather than social media. It often finds information that other social media monitoring tools miss.

Talkwalker: Talkwalker allows greater control over your searches. You can set them very narrowly, for one idea you might be looking for, or aim them more broadly for an entire theme.

Hootsuite Insights:Hootsuite makes many social media tools, and they can be pretty hard to tell apart. Insight looks for patterns, so if you are trying to catch a trend before it explodes, this might be an excellent social media monitoring tool.

ReviewTrackers: ReviewTrackers is another review monitoring system that searches for positive and negative reviews. It allows you to automatically post a positive review directly to your social media account, a nice feature.

ReviewInc: ReviewInc tends to be very internationally-minded, so if you have a global business, this might be the right choice for you. It also allows you to look at negative comments in the context of the entire thread.

Google Alerts: Google lets you adjust your settings to get an alert when specific keywords are mentioned anywhere on the web. You get a great deal of information, but it can be overwhelming.

Nexalogy: Nexalogy is interesting because it turns the data you get into graphical information easier to interpret.

The important thing is to decide which social media monitoring site is most useful for your business. Most sites offer a free trial period, and it might be helpful to use that to its fullest potential.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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