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Which T-shirts Will Be Perfect For The Summer Season?

There is no doubt that for the summer season the true hero is the humble T-shirt for both men and women. Whether it is worn alone with chinos or shorts or layered under a blazer or a button-up, the classic tee is the workhorse of the summer season. But when it comes to those truly scorching days, some T-shirts work better than others. Many experts in the field have shared their opinion as to what kind of T-shirts are ideally suited for summer. Let’s see here some of the factors to be considered while going for summer t-shirts.

Less layering:

There are a lot of varieties available when it comes to T-shirts which are worn throughout the year. But when it comes to summer t-shirts one should opt for the ones that are less layered. So you should focus on the fit and fabric. You can even go for something that is going to look a little bit more luxurious so that it holds up on its own. An upscale tee is all you need to beat the summer. Only thing is you should look for the right fabric or detail so that you can still look sophisticated.

Keep it Light:

The perfect summer T-shirt takes you from day to night. It is as comfortable on the hot city streets during the day as it is at 2 a.m. Basically, the best way it to wear a t-shirt where the fabric is so soft and the drape so light that it keeps you cool during the day and looks refined should you throw something like a light, unstructured blazer – over it at night. Go for a super lightweight tee.

Keep it Loose:

Summers are always brutal. So you should go for the t-shirt that is not only made of lighter fabric but also comes with a bit more room. However, see to it that it is not oversized. You should go for the cuts that are more relaxed with a wider neck. It will not only keep you cool but also will add an element of style. If you are looking for a variety, go with something luxurious and loose. Remember wider necklines are always unique for t-shirts for women.

Summer Colors:

Next thing to be considered is the color. You have a wide variety of color options available but here the key is the material. Some people feel more comfortable in loud prints and bright colors whereas some will go for classic and minimalistic in color. When you go for Linen and high-quality Pima cotton, it will give your tee an upscale look that will work with a whole range of colors. However, the best option is to go for solid tees in light shades especially white t-shirts for men.

Long sleeves vs short sleeves:

Though long sleeves are ideal for winters, in summer also it will protect from the brutal sun. It will also come with fun patterns, prints, and bright colors. V necks will be outdone by the classic round neck and collars are not ideal. Though classical t-shirts or short sleeves with rounded necks are the most preferable choice, just try the long sleeves also to see how it protects from the brutal sun.

Illustrative T-Shirts:

Both men’s and women’s t-shirts come with various printed slogans and pictures which have been quite a popular choice for many decades. Some of the t-shirts come with funny slogans; some are plain with a centrally printed message or image. Some of the printed t-shirts also come with patterns all over it. All these make it look great.

Keeping the above things in mind, you should go for the t-shirts for summer. Beat this brutal summer with the right T-shirt!

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