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Who Are Hubspot Partners & What Do They Do For You?

HubSpot is the CRM for your business. A huge, robust tool allows you to implement tolls effectively and start seeing results during the sales lifecycle and the company’s growth. However, the platform offers so many tools that it is often confusing to choose one.

HubSpot offers paid subscriptions. So, if you choose any tool but fail to implement it correctly, your money goes wasted.

That’s truly a cause of concern. Exactly at this point, HubSpot partners can help you.

Who is a HubSpot Partner?

If you’ve used HubSpot or you know a little about it, you may have heard of the Partner Program. Essentially, the partner program is for marketing agencies using the HubSpot platform and dedicated to inbound marketing.

Marketing agencies aim to collaborate with HubSpot. When the latter accepts them, they receive sales, marketing training, and direct account managers from HubSpot, together with a bunch of tools they may use to provide better services.

HubSpot partners receive a rank according to the tier system. The higher the rank, the better services they can provide, and they have helped a number of clients to use the HubSpot platform successfully.

Different Types of HubSpot Partners

There are different types of HubSpot partners, as many as marketing agencies. Different types of marketing agencies, with an inbound approach, apply for HubSpot partnership. That means there are all kinds of partner agencies available.

While some choose to become full-services agencies handling inbound marketing, email marketing, web design, paid search, content marketing, social media advertising, and others, some choose to focus on a specific area such as website design. In fact, some agencies may only offer inbound marketing consultation in sales support or marketing.

What does HubSpot Partner do for you?

Today, HubSpot has over 2500 partner agencies. However, if you are new to this platform, or just started using it, the role of a partner agency may not be clear to you. Noted below are the top 3 benefits of hiring HubSpot partners:

  1. CRM Support: This is obvious and the most important role of HubSpot. A partner agency can help your marketing agency use the CRM better and take maximum advantage of all its tools. If you haven’t joined HubSpot, a partner can get you on board and train the team about the tools and its use, step-by-step. If the team is already using the platform, a partner can help you to identify optimal uses. They would monitor analytics, consult the sales and marketing teams respectively, and suggest/implement new strategies for better performance across the platform.

HubSpot CRM is a brilliant tool, but it takes time to master. However, when you collaborate with an agency, work is minimized.

In addition, you get direct HubSpot support when you collaborate with an agency. If you face any trouble or troubleshooting issues, or you cannot figure out a tool, a partner can help you to fix that problem. You can also talk to the HubSpot account manager directly for a quick resolution.

2. Outstanding Inbound Marketing: The greatest benefit of Hubspot is its powerful tools. The CRM provides advanced analytics tracking with reporting, blog publishing, email tracking, social media publishing, and others. With so many tools and metrics, an agency can offer a much better marketing service.

Essentially, a partner is a two for a single deal. You get the marketing agency’s expertise, web design support, inbound marketing strategies, and tools, plus all additional tools together with an organization supporting HubSpot CRM offers.

3. Support Sales Alignment: Sales support with a host of tools and quick marketing advice can save your day. Inbound marketing methodologies rely on the simple fact that marketing and sales teams should be aligned. To ensure this happens, the CRM provides a vast set of sales tools, which work synergistically with marketing tools, and get both the teams on a single page and work towards the goal of taking the company to new heights.

HubSpot partners are great for companies without a marketing team and who require assistance. It streamlines business operations, starting from marketing to sales.

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