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The population in the world is increasing exponentially with the rapid rise in demand and supply. Every rise in population growth adds a new layer to the world advancement and invention. The picture of the world that is painted is very different from the previous sketch of the world. The involvement of formulation and development has changed the vision of the human being, necessities changed into luxury, and the lifestyle that today's human want is unique and extrapolate Dependable Logistics Solutions. `

Techniques to handle the affairs of life have been remodeled, and the ways that are used for the remodeling are ravishing. With the help of science and technology, we are leading our needs from a bumpy path to a projectile form for which heavy investment and time consumption is paid. Human beings are working day and night to meet the ends, building comfort in their lives in which they have now stepped out of the necessity format into the advanced level. In this level, marketing strategies, industries, manufacturing ideas, Trade, construction, employment, and other business activities have a changing face. Each transition indicates the level of achievement that we received with our continuous efforts.

Efforts lead in the path of manufacturing, and establishing something new has always ended up magnificently, and the consumption of the creation is outrageous. Products manufactured in the industry are wrapped appropriately, transported to the demanded location (market) where the consumer acquires it, and the cycle goes on. This formula of buying and selling of goods is called Trade, where the products are transferred from the manufacturer entity to the consumer in the exchange of money. The triangle formed because of the third party involvement that lies between the manufacturer, and the consumer is called fulfillment.

Fulfillment is a service that is done by a third party where the goods are shipped to the customer when ordered online. It is a warehouse service where the products are stored in bulk provided by the manufacturer (realtor), then distributed to the customer based on the purchase they do. This Service has a great advantage to the customer as now you don't have to step out for the detailed search of the product. The hassle of managing time for your required product has been kicked out by the helpful friend call fulfillment service.

Why does the manufacturer use fulfillment service?

Production Warehousing Services and distribution have different paths. For the manufacturer to walk on both paths simultaneously becomes challenging, especially in the case where you are on startup level or where you have tons of demands and supply hurdles. Fulfillment service helps you deliver your products anywhere you want and is also the new marketing strategy for the products. The product that is manufactured at a place needs to dig its feet to several other places and to spread the word, fulfillment service does wonder. Businesses are now flying with light colors with the help of these online warehouse services where you send your product in bulk or a demanding quantity. The third-party will pick the orders from the customer, prepare the package, and dispatches it to the desired location.


 How does fulfillment Service work?

From its manufacturing to its consumption, the product passes through a cycle known as the Fulfillment process. It comprises of following steps:

● Receiving- the product from its origin is collected from the manufacturer to the third-party's warehouse, where its store with all the precautions.

● Picking- the orders from the customer are collected online

● Packing- based on the buyer's order, the product is packed

● Shipment - packed materials are loaded in the delivering car or truck where the driver

Keeps it safe and hands it over to the customer at their desired location.

● Return policy- if in case the product is not received in good condition or the customer

Claims to return it, the Service file the returning of that product and manage accordingly.

When purchasing a product online, customers are scared of the transaction, whether it is secured or not, as your card details are your stuff, and you want it to be safe and protected. In this case, be cautious, check for the security and reliability of the page or Service from where you want the product and then end up buying. In some cases, you have discount codes available to save some extra bucks and get anything delivered at your doorstep with no effort and save plenty of your time.

Companies that is best in providing fulfillment services:

Businesses that are on the startup stage and have launched their products need partners that can supply their manufactured products to multiple locations. There are tons of sellers in the market, producing goods that have variation in terms of weight and volume and want a partner to store their products and deliver to the customer. The way to contract with the companies that deal with the fulfillment process depends upon the requirements (handling, fragile items, volume, weight, and order size). There exists a variety of the companies running from small scale to larger based on their area of expertise and the capability to manage small vs. larger dispatch of the orders.

The best international companies of 2020 that provide fulfillment services are:

Fulfillment Service (provide customized online Service to the realtor)

● Ship Bob (the powerful network that provides fast shipping with warehouse add-on)

● Fulfillment by Amazon (fastest and well-known service that provides shipment, handling And delivery in time and have multiple products, i.e., some own by Amazon itself and Others by the realtor)

● FedEx (the newest logistics solution for the e-commerce business to grow and fulfill the

Order up to the level of satisfaction)

● Red Stag (fastest Service that has an expertise of handling minimum 200 orders, the Realtor is required to send at least 200 orders per month i.e., works best for the companies that have a consistent flow of the orders)

 ● Rakutenchi Super Logistics (known e-commerce fulfillment service that supports business to grow and provides tracking information, navigation to the retailers with customer satisfaction)

● Ship Monk ( it doesn't have the requirement of how many orders realtor is giving it per month but charges a fee up to 250$ for picking and packing the product)

● Easy ship (works for international parcels and couriers)

● Ship Wire (mostly works with warehouses globally and can handle the intricate

Businesses with ease)

● IDS fulfillment (has no weight specification with quick delivery and reliability)

● Ships-a-lot

● Fulfill rite

The above companies are the top-rated companies trusted by the realtor for their business growth. All the companies provide 3PL services and give business ease of mind to focus on the other products manufacturing. Simultaneously, the elements of storage in warehouses, dispatching, and distribution and customer requirements are handled by these Fulfillment Company. These companies smoothly proceed with the management headache of the product; assure you that the product will be safely delivered to the customers upon their buying request.

They are growing a business in which such marketing strategies are extremely wonderful for both the realtor and the customer. The customer doesn't have to step out for the product, and the manufacturer has the helping shoulder in the cover of fulfillment companies.

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