Monday, December 4, 2023
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Who is a best breast cancer surgeon in Delhi?

Cancer cases in women are increasing in the country. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer among Indian women. Let us know what are the causes that promote breast cancer in women.

What is breast cancer?

When the cells of our body are divided in an arbitrary manner and increasing, then they take the form of tumors. But when these tumors begin to spread in other parts of the body, it is called cancer.

In breast cancer, these tumors begin to grow in the milk glands in the breast. Occasionally these tumor breasts also begin to form in fatty tissue. From here, they reach the lymph node located below the arm. From the lymph node it starts spreading in other parts of the body.

What Are Breast Cancer Causes:-

There can be many causes of breast cancer. Some of these are linked to lifestyle, from some environments and from certain genetics. Some of these are prominent:

Age: As the age of the woman increases, the risk of breast cancer also increases. Especially 55 years later, more cases have been found.

Drinking alcohol: Women with more alcohol are more susceptible to level cancer.

Genetic: It is found that women who have BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations are more likely to develop breast cancer.

Becoming a mother at a higher age: Becoming late mother also increases the risk of breast cancer. Especially for women whose first child has been after 35 years of age, there is a greater risk of cancer.

Those who have never been pregnant: Women who do not ever have a mother are more likely to have breast cancer compared to other women.

Late Menopause: Women who start after the age of 55 years, menopauses are more likely to have it.

best breast cancer surgeon in Delhi

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