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Who is the winner: Online Education vs. Traditional Classrooms

The current era is considered as the post modern era where everything is advanced more than usual and expectations. A few decades ago people would not have even imagined for technologies and advancements like today to ever exist in the world. Now they are very much existent and a part of daily life for almost all the individuals across different parts of the globe. Whether it is the health sector, law sector, public sector, financial sector, or the educational sector, technology is constantly improving and ruling the arenas. If we talk about the educational sector only, along with various software for teacher and student assistance; the concept of online education has been introduced as well. However, now there is a constant argument between people about which system of education is better from online and traditional systems. Following is a detailed discussion so you can decide for yourself.

Convenience and Ease of Learning

Convenience and ease of learning mainly depend on the mobility and time restriction factor. It is quite time-consuming, and even difficult for many to travel to a specific place for getting education. In traditional system, it is important for the student to be present at a specific place – the school or class to get lectures and education precisely. On the other hand, online education can be received from any spot even from the comfort of your bedroom by studying reference papers from cheapest essay writing service. Similarly, traditional education has a specific time period for every lecture and class, whereas in online system the student can listen to the lectures and do the reading whenever it is convenient for them.

Personal Approach of Teaching

The personal teaching approach mainly means the one-on-one teacher assistance and lectures. In online system of education, the lectures are pre-recorded and the students are provided with a list of readings to be done. This cuts down the options of one-on-one coordination with the teacher. In traditional system, the teacher caters to a set of students at a specific time and the students can ask them questions in real-time. It is a much more effective and helpful learning approach and helps the students to learn material in a swift manner.

Motivation and Dedication

Dedication and motivation is the primary regulatory factor for the students to complete their assignments and exams. In traditional system, the teachers play a great role in keeping the students on track and motivating them towards betterment and hard work. Even if the student steps a foot aside, the teacher is always there to bring them back towards light. On the other hand, in the case of online education system everything is totally on the students to stay motivated and true to their academics. It is suitable for people who are truly passionate about studying and not others who do not like to study as they would miss out on their assignments and exam preparation.

Affordability Factor

Affordability is the main concern of every individual in almost everything. In education as well, people consider their budget and the worth of spending a huge amount. However, online system is much more affordable considering the mobility and accommodation factors. The students don’t have to travel to their institutes and spend extra money on fuel. similarly, there is no need of living in the hostel or rented apartment for the sake of being closer to the school. Therefore, affordability is much higher in online education system.

Social life and Networking

Student life is the easiest phase in terms of social life and networking. However, it does not remain the same in online education system. The students don’t really have to step out of their homes and meet new people on a regular basis. Whereas in traditional schooling, there are people from different backgrounds and cultures studying together and individuals get a chance to expand their exposure and also their social circle. The options of networking are much broader in traditional schools and making friends and connections is quite simple and rather effortless.

Academic Help

Academic help means the assistance that is available for the students for their exam preparation and assignments. In online system, the academic assistance is wide. There are multiple online study groups and online forums where the student can post their queries any time of the day and will be assisted by fellow students or tutors from different parts of the world. It makes hard assignments much easier as compared to the traditional schooling system where there are specific hours set for teacher visiting hours.

There is a constant debate over which system of education is better and discussed above are the primary facts regarding both the systems. You can decide for yourself that which one is better than the other and more suitable for you or your child.

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