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Why 2020 is the Year to Become Your Own Boss

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For millions of workers trapped in a 9-to-5 job, self-employment is a longstanding dream. The idea might offer escape from menial work, an opportunity to make a living from a hobby, and a chance to make one’s own decisions and take orders from no-one.

In the UK, self-employed people make up a growing portion of the workforce. Back in 2001, there were just 3.3 million self-employed workers in the country; by 2017, this figure had risen to 4.8 million, is a slight increase in the proportion of the available workforce.

In 2020, there look set to be even more compelling reasons to make the switch to self-employment, as many of the barriers which stood in the way are, bit by bit, being eroded, thanks largely to the internet.

So why might you make the switch to being self-employed in 2020?

Greater Job Satisfaction

If you’re making the switch to a form of work that gives you pleasure, then it follows that you’ll get more satisfaction from your job. Quitting a data-processing job to become a freelance landscape artist is likely to make life considerably more rewarding. But even if your freelance role is much the same as the one you were previously employed in, you’ll have the freedom to make it more satisfying by adapting work conditions to your personality.


One of the best things about freelancing is that you’re able to make your working hours fit around your personal life, rather than the other way around. In some cases, you’ll be able to choose any time of the day (or week) to work, and you’ll be able to take impromptu breaks when real life interferes. Flexible hours mean that freelancers report greater happiness than their counterparts in employed positions.

Direct Rewards

When you’re in charge of the entire business, then your performance will directly correlate to the rewards you receive. There will be no waiting around to that much-deserved promotion or raise; when good things happen to your business, they also happen to you.

Purchasing Decisions

Many self-employed people are skilled workers with a strong idea of what their trade demands. A professional plasterer might prefer a certain sort of hawk or trowel, while a hair dresser might look to bring in particular kinds of hairdressing combs. When you work for yourself, you won’t be held back by anyone else’s poor purchasing decisions!

What about the downsides?

Despite all of this, self-employment isn’t all sunlit uplands. You’ll have limited protection if you suffer a loss of income through illness, and you’ll have the cost of extra administrative work and taxation that an employer would deal with on your behalf. With all of that said, for many, the freedom that self-employment brings makes this a price that’s well worth paying!

Doing a freelancing work will benefit you in many ways. You become the ultimate boss of your life. You decide in this when you have to work and when you have to take rest. You can easily work at your own pace. You can develop your business further and also get time to create new ideas which will help you to broaden the horizons of your work. This will enable you to spread your wings and fly high. Being self employed is something that even you must have dreamt of. Now it’s the time to bring this dream come true and you will get the answers for Why 2020 is the Year to Become Your Own Boss.

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