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Why a French Bulldog is the Best Option for you

During the early 1800s, few lace workers from England went to France to seek job. They took with them bulldogs of smaller size, which were meant to look after their farms and chase away rats and other creatures. This was the first time when bulldogs were introduced to France, and very quickly, they became popular, due to their tough and hardy nature. Later on, the breeders of this dog stared selling them to France.

This particular breed of dog is very affectionate and cute and is one of the best options available, if you are looking for a calm and quiet pet. The fact that they are small in terms of size, means not a lot of space is required to tame these dogs. If you have a small home, in that case, these dogs would just be the perfect pet for you. 

Also known as Frenchie dog, or French Bulldog, this particular breed is one of the best companions you can have. Earlier, they were tamed by the people from higher class of the society, and carrying these dogs was considered to be a symbol of royalty. Even to this day, French Bulldogs are very popular, due to their calm and quiet nature. Despite of certain behavioral characteristics, which can be seen as drawbacks; these dogs remain to be as one of the most popular breeds to be found in USA and UK.

A French Bulldog is not capable of swimming. It is due to the fact that they have a bulbous head and squat frame. So, if you have a pool at your house, make sure to keep a close eye on your pup. These dogs are not the perfect options as an companion, if you are planning for a beach vacation.

Their Personality


This particular breed of dog is said to possess an even-temper. They are attention seekers, and appreciates when they are given attention to. If you are a single individual, living all by yourself, in that case; this particular breed of dog would just be the perfect option for you. They are known for not barking unnecessarily, unlike other dogs. All you need to do to keep him in best of moods, is to give him the attention which he demands

What makes them Special?

This breed of dog can be kept and tamed in any sort of house. Whether you have a big house, or a small one, you can easily fit in these dogs. They have the right kind of nature and physical characteristics to fit into a city life. This dog is not the perfect option, if you are looking for a jogging companion; however, he can accompany you on a small walk. You need not spend much on feeding these dogs, as they don’t require lot of food to survive. These dogs are known for snoring and snorting.

French Bulldogs are known for being highly intelligent and they are quite loyal too. They get along quite nicely with other animals and due to their adorable nature, they are loved by children.  If you are looking for a friendly and joyful companion, in that case, a Frenchie would just be the perfect option for you.

Being smaller in size, these dogs have a very cute appearance. However, you can use different other kinds of accessories like MIDNIGHT HEAD BOW FOR FRENCHIE DOG, to make it look even more attractive. You can also try French Bulldog Head Bow

There are different items available in the market these days, which allow you to take optimum care of your dog. Have a look over the internet for more details.

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