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Why a Managed Dedicated Server is the Best Option for You?

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Managed dedicated servers are more efficient & effective in managing your web operations than other hosting options. Know the main features before using it.

If your business is using resource-based applications or dealing with frequent traffic surge that could impact the online visibility of applications or handling critical data, then managed dedicated servers are something you must rely upon to boost all your online operations.

Small business with low traffic & limited resource requirements can use low-cost & multi-tenant options like shared hosting & VPS server hosting. However, when these are used for large websites, the performance may be affected due to restricted availability of resources, especially during heavy traffic conditions. When choosing a managed dedicated server, one must consider some vital aspects like scalability, technical support & security for the maximum benefit. When it comes to handling critical web applications, using a managed dedicated server is the right choice & can prove to be a much more cost-effective option than running on-site IT infrastructures.


What are the features of managed dedicated servers?

  1. High security aspects- Securing your critical applications & data from attacks is one of the most important features of a managed dedicated server in Riyadh or elsewhere. The users will definitely benefit from exceptional standards of security that can effectively cater to compliance & data protection requirements. A trusted dedicated server provider will make sure that the security audit is the priority feature of their hosting services & also includes provisioning of malware & anti-virus scans, spam filtering, security enhancements & physical security. In addition, using a managed dedicated server in Dubai, Japan or irrespective of the place, will also give respite from DdoS threat that is so much common in unmanaged dedicated hosting.

  2. Dedicated support- Majority of the reputed dedicated server providers offer this significant feature that guarantees round the clock technical support to the users. It consists of support to frameworks by implementing eAccelerator management, PHP upgrades, recompilation of Apache Server and much more. Some reputed server providers offer technical support in the form of hardware features like deployment of servers, firewall setups, and other issues related to booting. It covers databases by providing repairs, upgrading of MySQL, and so forth.

  3. Dependable hosting infrastructure- Using a managed dedicated servers will allow you to depend on the hosting infrastructures because the datacenters are strategically located so that your web applications can be consistently available without disruption due to natural disasters. The density and diversity of fibre-optic connectivity further boost the reliability of networks that support your web hosting ventures with the least latency. The top tiered data center facilities are designed to provide enhanced security with an array of access controls & 24*7 physical security.

  4. High maintenance- Users of managed dedicated servers in Singapore, London or Washington, are assured of excellent maintenance support by proven service providers. They can be depended upon for immediate resolution of technical glitches, analysis of log files, app updates & many more.

  5. Facilitation of growth- With managed dedicated servers, procurement of additional resources to meet the demands of higher traffic becomes easier. These servers are easily scalable & backed by a dedicated official who look after the distribution of a broad spectrum of resources that includes servers, bandwidth & storage to name a few. Assured scalability enables the growth of your business without any stress on the resources.

  6. Operating system choices- This facility is demanded when anyone is using a managed dedicated server. You can choose an operating system of your choice when you decided to use a managed dedicated server. The applications you need for your business may require a apecific operating system like a Windows Server OS or Linux Server.

  7. Control panel options- Great control panels make it much easier to manage your server and the applications which you run on it & your managed dedicated servers come with such control panels. While vanilla control panels may be sufficient for some company’s needs, many benefit from using cPanel & WHM (for Linux servers only) or Plesk (now for both Windows and Linux servers).

Conclusion- Having a managed dedicated server to host your website means you can harness all the power of that server – CPU, RAM, disk storage, and everything else – to run your website. Unlike a shared server, you are not sharing the resources of the server with other websites which translates to a truly fast loading website unhampered and fully utilizing the server’s capabilities.

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