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Why Amethyst Engagement Rings Are A Great Choice

In every religion worldwide, no marriage is complete without an engagement ceremony before the actual marriage rituals start. However, engagement is considered a more romantic ceremony without many rituals. The bride and groom exchange rings, and both the sides exchange gifts and congratulate each other in a ceremonial party. A lot of people choose amethyst rings because of several reasons which befit the engagement ceremony.

But the engagement is not merely a compulsory ritual for the bride and groom. It provides them with a symbolical ring that binds them together. The exchange of rings is symbolic in that the bride and groom give their promise to share their lives for eternity. That is why the ring holds so much value, and every bride and groom puts focus on the rings. The amethyst ring brings a lot more meaning and value and symbolizes much more than uniting two people in an eternal bond. So why amethyst engagement rings are the best choices? Here are some of the reasons:

1. Color Symbolism

The color of the amethyst is typically violet and ranges from deep violet to light violet. However, you may also stumble upon pink, red and blue amethyst rings in the best jewelry stores. The stone is semi-precious and was discovered by the Greeks. It was made into tumblers and vessels, but now it is mainly used for making pieces of jewelry, especially engagement rings. It is a quartz that derives its typical violet color from irradiation, the presence of various transition metals like iron and manganese. Many people are under the assumption that this crystal is made into engagement rings precisely because of its beautiful color. But the truth is that the color violet symbolizes modesty, truth, spirituality, and honesty in a relationship. Also, you cannot ignore that the color is beautiful and also hints at sophistication.

2. Royalty and Sophistication

Some colors are associated with specific sections of society. For example, the color blue was always associated with sovereignty and godliness because the color was challenging to obtain in earlier days. The same goes for purple or violet because it is quite closer to blue and provides a medium between pink and blue. This color is often associated with royalty because the color was not natural to obtain some centuries back. Only the ruling class was able to afford the dye. As a result, the precious stone was worn mainly by kings and sovereigns. So the amethyst holds a special place in many of the priceless jewelry that people know of today. Thus, when the bride and groom exchange amethyst rings, it adds a different value of royalty and sophistication to their hands.

3. Gives Off a Vintage Look

Many people like wearing vintage clothing and even adding vintage furniture and decorations to their households. So if you are such a person, you can get your future husband or wife a beautiful piece of the amethyst ring to keep as a symbol of your union for a lifetime. You will also find many vintage amethyst rings in the best jewelry stores that were made a long time ago and were passed down generations and then sold off to the store. These rings add a different value of timelessness to your relationship and symbolize an eternal flower.

4. Goes Well With Intricate Designs

Some people like intricate designs and some like simple designs. So when you buy a simple ring, the best choices are clear crystals like diamonds, but when it comes to colored gems, they often look better with designs on the metal. You can choose between silver and gold, but with amethyst, the best metal is either silver or platinum. When you are buying amethyst engagement rings, you will come across different designs, but since amethyst is often associated with royalty, you will find intricately detailed designs. They look stunning, and if you want to catch the people's attention at your wedding with your engagement ring, you should buy amethyst engagement rings with intricate designs.

5. Affordable Even Though It Looks Expensive

Amethyst rings always tends to look very expensive, but that is far from the truth. The price of amethyst rings is quite low as compared to other crystals like diamonds and sapphire. You can even get a different variety of colors and discounts if you buy both the pair of engagement rings. Moreover, there are typically three-stone sizes to choose from, so you can quickly select your amethyst ring according to your choice and budget.

Final Thoughts


These are the reasons why amethyst engagement rings are the best choice for the bride and groom. If you are looking for the best amethyst ring, make sure you buy them from reputed and best rated online stores only.

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