Why and How Should You Apply for Indian Medical Visa

Indian Medical Visa

Are you worried about taking your medical services on time and with proper standard procedures that do not come with the expenditure of burdening budget? Your concern is understandable because the medical facilities are reaching alarming rates of costs and expenses. In addition to that finding, a world-class medical institution not just with the tag but with the actual services is a grave matter to be looked upon. To all your problems, take a look at medical tourism in India. The industry of health tourism is peaking with an influx of clients from all around the world. The underlying reasons are massive in their advantage and priorities set, you can consult the best doctors in India.

The huge increase in the rate of medical tour India over the past few years is a crystal clear indication of the advantages that India has to offer the other countries with a medical infrastructure. The increasing popularity regarding choosing India as the destination of medical tourism is also derived from the fact that the medical visa policies are customer-friendly; any sort of issues can be handled in any case.

Primarily, the widely consulted hospitals of the country have been accredited by the standard organisations which ensure that stringent measures are carried in the sector of health provides to maintain the level of safety in all diagnostic procedures and treatment plans, namely, NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) and JCI (Joint Commission International) have authorized various hospitals of top-notch quality in the country. If we go by the statistics also, India houses one of the greatest pharmaceutical ventures, the export is even reached up to some of the counties with world-class medical facilities.  The privatization of the Indian economy also facilitated the inflow of an expansive number of world-class corporate medical services.

As mentioned before, the quality of professionalism in the country is a brooding number of the best heads in the field of medical sciences. The levels of education regarding medicine in India are best among the nations of the globe because the dynamic course structure and disciplined curriculum offer exceptionally best doctors in India who have on-point precision in their work and are at par with the best medical qualifications in the world with a global introduction of all knowledge. The complicated medical procedures such as detailed surgeries have also their professionalism with successful results.

Last but not least, the expenditure regarding the medical expenses is comparatively in the budget in comparison to the same treatments which are provided by the other counties. As per a reliable source on a website, the cost of expenses of a medical treatment in India is almost 60 per cent less than their equivalent treatments in the United States or the United Kingdom. The medical tourism in India is reaching great numbers with the on-ground bearable costs both medical services and travelling expenses also. India’s position is well qualified among the nations providing medical services with the backbone of top-rated facilities for the least expenses. International travellers who use the Medical e-Visa program apply and pay their fee online and receive their electronic Indian visa before travelling to India.

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What medical conditions are eligible for an Indian Visa?

The treatment should be significant in nature, such as:

  • Neurosurgery
  • Heart surgery
  • Organ transplant
  • Joint replacement
  • Gene therapy
  • Plastic surgery
  • Renal problems
  • Congenital disorders
  • Radio-Therapy
  • Patients seeking Ayurveda treatment.

Documents Required For Medical Visa To India

  • Active Passport (6-month validity)
  • Recent photographs (Passport Size)
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Photo Copy of online e-visa application form
  • Valid Residential Address Proof
  • Recommendation from home country doctor to visit the particular specialized medical centre for treatment
  • Latest Medical reports and other documents of the treatments
  • Passport copy of the attendant (Only for Attendant visas)
  • Proof of relationship with attendant (Only for Attendant visas)