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Why And How To Get Verified On Facebook, YouTube, And TikTok?

In the competition-fraught world of social media, it can be incredibly challenging to stand out and make an identity for your brand. However, if marketers, brands, and individuals can get their accounts verified, things get thawed down for them.

Verified social media accounts are the ones where you see a blue checkmark symbol. This checkmark has now turned into a symbol of online clout, showing the account’s popularity and credibility. Since most social media users trust verified accounts over non-verified ones, social media marketers long for nothing more than a tiny tick adjacent to their brand name. 

How do you get verified on social media?

When social media verification was initially introduced, it was reserved exclusively for A-list celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, and Barack Obama. However, as time progressed, the verification tick became more common, and social media users also started to see it on the profiles of relatively renowned brands, companies, activists, journalists, and influencers.

The verification tick mark comes with an array of benefits, such as the growth of followers, credibility, and more. In other words, a blue checkmark establishes a brand’s legitimacy. Furthermore, it also helps you to gain greater online engagement.

It might come to you as a surprise but aside from establishing a noteworthy and active presence on your social media platform, you usually need a few clicks to get a verification badge.

If you have been delivering consistent and high-quality content, you might be wondering what to do next. So here is what you should know about social media verification.

Getting verified on Facebook

As you must have realized by now, the number one verification rule is to be known. This requires acquiring sufficient likes.

Once you have acquired adequate ‘likes’ on your page, you can apply for a verification checkmark. To get your Facebook profile verified, you first need to have sufficient followers. Thus it is beneficial to reach out to companies like SocioTraffic. They offer Facebook Monthly Packages that can help you elevate the reach of your targeted audience.

While requesting your verification badge, you need to upload an official Facebook profile or page document. Once you have sent the request, the Facebook verification team will review your information and make a decision accordingly.

If your request gets approved, a blue tick mark will appear on your profile 30 days after your application. Meanwhile, you should stay active on your Facebook page and keep making changes, like uploading new cover photos, profile pictures, etc.

Getting verified on YouTube

Although YouTube gives a grey checkmark instead of the blue one, the criterion for its verification is much similar to Facebook. The YouTube review team also analyzes your channel to see if you can receive the verification badge.

One of the essential requirements for a YouTube verification badge is your number of subscribers. You are required to have at least 100,000 subscribers. That is an astronomical number. Thus unless you create exceptional content and post it consistently, you can not get verified on YouTube.

Even if you have complete confidence in your content quality, you should know popping your name amidst the rivaling world of YouTubers cannot happen overnight. Hence it is prudent to take assistance from the experts.

SocioTraffic is there to lend you a hand and help you realize your dream. It uses 100% white hat methods to garner the subscribers your channel deserves. Thereby, you should buy one of their YouTube packages and earn hundreds of views on your videos and subscribers on your channel.

Getting verified on TikTok

Unlike Youtube and Facebook, TikTok does not offer verification requests options. Instead, the TikTok reviews accounts give a verification badge wherever it fits.

Generally, TikTok gives verification checkmarks to unique, authentic, active, and of course, famous TikTokers. In addition, it looks for accounts with consistent high activity, maximum engagement, and following popular trends.

There is no way you can gather many followers without consistently creating content that appeals to your audience. Therefore, the most efficient way to receive a TikTok verification badge is to grow your TikTok followers.

Since people can watch all kinds of stuff, SocioTraffic understands that a talented TikToker can quickly lose motivation by seeing the virality of thoughtless clips. Thereby, it offers a range of amazing packages to get you genuine TikTok followers and take your TikTok account to the sky.


SocioTraffic knows how much a verification checkmark means to you. Thus, visit SocioTraffic and buy Facebook monthly packages for likes and followers, YouTube monthly packages for views, and TikTok Packages for followers!

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