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Why are amber glass bottles perfect for pharmaceutical use?

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Have you ever thought why these beautiful brown bottles are everywhere, especially in pharmaceutical industries or in medicals? And wonder about their uses? 

Most of us don't give this thought to why these bottles are brown. Yes, this is due to a specific reason. If you have come across all the bottles that are of a different colour other than the clear transparent one such as cosmetics, jars, beer bottles, oils, and other medical supplements, you can very well trace the reason why the majority of them are in this colour.

Amber glass bottles are in high demand in the pharmaceutical industry and so if you are in the field of medicine, then amber bottles should be your top priority.  

In this article, we will have a quick look at the unique colour of the amber bottles, and what are the reasons behind it?

Amber glass bottles 

As previously mentioned, the bottles are in brown due to valid reasons. The main reason behind the colour of the bottle is that if we happen to store our liquids or supplements such as oils, serum, vitamin supplements, etc.  at home, they wouldn't last long if not stored in amber bottles.

Industries dependent on the amber bottles

If you are into the pharmaceutical business and looking for packaging products, then amber glass bottles should be your top on the list. You can find reputed amber glass bottle manufacturers for your requirements. 

Many industries, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and other industries rely heavily on these glass bottles.

The reason behind the usage of amber bottles

The main reason for preferring amber glass bottles is that it provides protection from the UV rays, light sources such as blue light, and other lights of different wavelengths that affect the solutions or supplements stored inside the bottle.

UV rays are responsible for reaching and causing photooxidation, and this might alter the formula of the products in the bottle. This leads to the reduction of the shelf-life to half and making them of less use. 

In many cases, the photooxidation might lead to the toxic formation by reacting with the chemicals of the products inside the bottle, thereby causing adverse health effects when consumed.

They are thus protected at a high level for not getting exposure to such wavelengths of light allowing the products to be maintained over a long period of storage. And this is the reason why the bottles are precisely made to keep the medicines, supplements, serum, and other light-sensitive solutions fresh and also assures 100 % efficiency of the product.

Provides better interaction

As glass is made of natural materials, they are safe and need not worry about the breaking and mixing with the chemicals or any kind of leakage into the products in the bottles. Further, they don't make any reaction between the products and glass. 


So, if you wanted to buy amber bottles, there are many reasons why they are used for the pharmaceutical industries. Due to their versatile nature, they can be made into any shapes that are suitable for almost all the products that are light sensitive. They can also be recycled and can be reused any number of times.  

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