Monday, October 2, 2023
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Why Are Bookshelf Speakers So Expensive?

Bookshelf speakers are getting quite famous these days. You must have heard about them, and if not, then here is a brief introduction to them. Bookshelf speakers are kept on shelves, tables, or any elevated space, but not on floors. They can fit anywhere relevant to their size. They are designed to maximize sound in small to medium-sized spaces.

Bluetooth Bookshelf speakers are trending a lot lately. People prefer buying bookshelf speakers as compared to powered monitors or any other typical sound system. This is because a bookshelf speaker provides you a home theatre kind of feeling. You can buy them as a standalone addition to your living rooms. Another sound system may also work well, but bookshelf speakers can add the bang to your music or movies that no other speaker can. It gives a totally different vibe.

Are they worth the price?

You may have heard people complaining about the price of these bookshelf speakers. Well, it may be high in price, but they are worth it. The premium components and equipment are used in the making of bookshelf speakers, and that is how it is able to produce high-quality sound just like any other top-notch sound system. It has such an elegant finish and design that it can blend with any decor. It has another very innovative feature in it, and it has Bluetooth technology. They can easily work with Bluetooth enabled devices. They are compatible with iOS, macOS, Windows, and definitely Android. They are very convenient.

They can be used to watch TV, or when you are listening to the radio, or streaming music, gaming, or online videos. It has all the best innovative features; being a little bit high in price seems fair enough. Why won't someone pay when they know that what they are getting is the best thing? So the price should not be a problem for us when buying such good, innovative and convenient things for ourselves. If you are looking for the best and latest news about bookshelf speakers, check out BeastSellersReview.

Which are the best ones?

You don't need to worry about which one you should get; here is a list of suggestions for the best Bluetooth bookshelf you can have for yourself.

·        Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

It can connect with two devices simultaneously. It is not android or iOS-specific. They have a classy look; it can easily adjust with your decor. It has excellent bass. It comes with cables for convenience.

·        Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speakers

You can get this one quote within budget. It can easily connect with devices that have 3.5 mm outputs. Volume is easy to adjust. It can be a great complement to your décor. 

·        Micca MB42 Black Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

It has an impactful strong bass. It makes sure that it gives accurate imaging and frequency response. You can clearly hear the dialogues on movies/TV shows. It can be placed anywhere in your house as it will easily blend with your décor.

·        Polk Audio T15 Black Bookshelf Speakers

If you live in small apartments or houses, know that it is best for you. It produces a big sound and can be used as a side or rear speaker. You can get this one in the normal price range, not too expensive. It can be a nice addition to your home décor as well.

·        Edifier R2000DB Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

It can easily be paired with Bluetooth devices. This one can work best for gaming consoles, computers, and home theater. It can also be used to practice bass guitar. It is quite durable. You can use it daily, and still it long last. It also reduces wire clutter with the computer.


Although they will blend nicely with your furniture and décor, you can also place a nice piece of furniture to place them. It will give a subtle look to your living room. They are definitely worth it; you will not regret having them.


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