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Why Are Lab-grown Diamonds So Popular?

Lab grown diamonds are really popular all around the world. Over the years, mining of diamonds have faced several challenges and has had a serious impact on the planet. Mining of diamonds has led to pollution, ecological problems, internal conflicts between nations, and several other problems. Diamonds are precious. Probably it is the most precious stone that you can find on this planet. Not only a diamond is appealing to the eye, but they stand for love and purity. These days lab grown diamonds are really popular and all over the world, people have shown massive interest in buying them. So, if you are planning to get yourself a brand new lab-grown diamond, then there are a few things you have to remember. That is the reason why people have shifted their focus on lab grown diamonds these days. The lab-grown are majorly available in the market due to the huge demand it has seen in the last few years. But, be sure about what is better GIA or IGI?

But, if you are wondering what has led to this shift in focus from naturally mined diamonds to lab-grown ones, then check out the reasons.

        Real Diamonds - lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. They are not fake or synthetic, as a lot of people would like to believe. Lab-grown diamonds have the identical physical and chemical properties like the mined diamonds. They are 100% real. That is the reason why people are more interested to buy diamonds which do not have any potential threat to the environment. At a lesser price, you get hands on pure and absolutely real diamonds.

        Conflict Free - a lot of jewelers around the world are not aware of where the diamonds are coming from. Sadly, a huge quantity of diamonds come from the conflict zones of the world. These conflicts lead to serious degradation of human life, ecological imbalance, and war between internal groups. For instance, Sierra-Leone faced a huge problem of diamond conflict which led to a civil war between the country's internal factions over the share of diamonds. This is a major issue that has plagued the diamond industry. But, this issue of conflict is non-existent in case of the lab-grown diamonds.

        Better Sustainability - the lab-grown diamonds have better sustainability. It is a true fact that the diamond mining industry has one of the biggest share of pollution among all the industries in the world. Different aspects of the environment - air, water and land are affected due to the mining of diamonds in the world. Therefore, lab-grown diamonds have been able to offer a better sustainability to the people. The diamonds are created in a safe and pollution-free environment. Green and renewable energy sources are used to create these diamonds. Usually, the manufacturers use solar or wind power to cultivate lab-grown diamonds.

        Better Value For Money - lab-grown diamonds offer better value for money. Lab-grown diamonds are a lot less expensive when compared to mined diamonds. This is not because they are low in quality or fake. But, mainly because there are no middlemen, shorter supply chain and markups that make mined diamonds so expensive. Therefore, you get a betting value for your money by purchasing lab-grown diamonds instead of mine diamonds.

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