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Why are Progressive lenses better than Bifocal in your 40’s?

Here's why forty and progressive lenses work well together. Forty is such an amazing age. It’s an age when things get sorted and you reach your stage of complete confidence and relaxation. Contrary to younger years, you lose the fear of worrying about the smallest thing or what people expect of you, you start to live for yourself.  Apart from the great wisdom and a wholesome experience about life, old age can give you some minor visual problems. 

Though being in your 40’s is not considered as being old but for your eyes, it's a problem. People at the age of 40 or above often develop different kinds of vision conditions like presbyopia, dry-eyes, glaucoma or change in visual acuity. However, the most common kind of eye condition is experienced at presbyopia which is age-related nearsightedness. 

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a very common eye condition experienced around the age of 38 to 40 and more. In presbyopia, you experience hardships in seeing objects at a near distance due to ageing of your eyes. Presbyopia is age-related nearsightedness or myopia. When we start to age, the crystalline lens in the eyes loses the ability to focus and hence we experience difficulties in doing daily life chores. The muscles in the eyes stiff up as a part of the ageing process that leads majorly towards nearsightedness. You have a hard time reading the daily newspaper, books or menu at a restaurant. 

It’s very natural to have presbyopia at your 40’s because your eyes at that time lose their elasticity and hence experience with the majority of the population. It’s also progressive with time and can be more harmful to your vision if it's not treated at the right time. The right kind of lens to treat presbyopia is with either bifocals lenses or Progressive lenses. 

What are Bifocal glasses?

Bifocal glasses are glasses with two different lenses built in one single lens to treat presbyopia and nearsightedness. The upper portion of the lens corrects distant vision and the bottom portion of the lens corrects near vision. There’s a visible dividing line between the upper and lower part of the lens. You have to look into two different parts to get the vision you want to correct and it doesn’t look good. With the visible dividing line, the glasses by a single glasses tell the world about your age while it also fails to provide a seamless transition from far to near, which is highly important for presbyopic people. 

Why are Progressive lenses much more beneficial than Bifocals?

Progressive lenses are glasses with three different vision corrections. Progressive lenses are also known as Varifocal glasses. The upper portion of the lenses offers distant correction, the intermediate portion for computer work while the lower portion for near distance correction. Not only do you get the distance and near correction, but the daily activity in your lifestyle also involves computer work which could be placed under any of those lenses hence progressive lenses effectively gave a portion in the lens for that.

Another beneficial part about Progressive lenses is that it doesn’t contain any visible division line present among the lenses and because of that it offers a smooth and gradual transition from near to far and vice versa. 

Progressive lenses are better than bifocal glasses as they were used in olden days with only two vision corrections with visible division line presence. Progressive lenses offer all the essential features you need when you suffer from presbyopia, and it looks aesthetically good to wear Progressive lenses as it doesn’t show off your age. Apart from its look and design, it offers a perfectly smooth transition due to the presence of peripheral distortion on the edges of the lens.

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