Why Are Telecom Companies Embracing The Cloud?


Telecom service providers are heavily dependent on technologies to run their networks and support the delivery of their services.

Cloud computing is altering our lives in many ways and has rapidly become a vast communications platform (including IaaS, PaaS, containers, and cloud orchestration).

Cloud adoption benefits the company by accelerating growth in its revenue.

A third-party (a cloud hosting company) carries out day-to-day functions such as handling the company’s IT infrastructure, security, and data center, thus enabling companies to focus on their revenue from existing services.

Cloud adoption assists companies in terms of IT independence and helps companies to lower their operational costs.

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By accelerating technology modernization, companies and cloud-based technology are deeply intertwined. It brings innovative offerings such as web-based applications to existing services and boosts scalability.

Cloud-based technologies are reinforcing a fundamental shift in how the telecommunications industry works. With the rapidly changing telecom environment, there is significant transformation and modification taking place in the traditional network architectures. There is growing interest for adoption of cloud computing as it provides several opportunities to telecom companies to bring in innovative offerings. Driving advancement for new-age technology is the emergence of cloud computing, which is soon becoming an integral part of most telecom infrastructures. As benefits of cloud are realised, the potential for adoption of cloud is multiplying. Thus, telecom companies are partnering with cloud-based solution providers to offer products and services that are simplified, scalable, have improved productivity & performance and faster time-to-market.

One such company is Kirusa, a global leader in cloud-based communication solutions that provides innovative call completion offerings. InstaVoice is a unique call completion solution of Kirusa that helps users of feature and smartphones with voicemail and missed call alerts, while helping mobile carriers monetize missed calls in their networks. The alerts are delivered either via SMS or in the InstaVoice app. Furthermore, the app offers a chat feature, voice SMS and option for linking multiple numbers.

With conventional telecom architectures, roaming would remain an expensive offering. The underlying costs are quite high. However, when cloud comes in, the architectures and underlying arrangements can be bypassed to create a disruptive alternative. Kirusa’s InstaVoice ReachMe App, a disruptive and affordable voice-over-data solution, helps users lower their roaming costs who otherwise would pay exorbitantly for international calling. This solution converts GSM – VoIP calls over data or wifi, thus ensuring seamless connectivity. Carriers can leverage the power of data to enrich the calling experience of their subscribers.

This, of course, is possible due to two factors – one, the fact that people are increasingly connected to the internet. Secondly, and most importantly, the interconnection of cloud and telco infrastructure.

The cloud is where the real action is, indeed. With the interconnection of cloud and telecom infrastructure, there seem to be endless possibilities for innovation, and it is the means to create exciting experiences for users. In 2019, telecom companies will further navigate to the cloud system and adopt a cloud-centric approach for their offerings. Developing partnerships with cloud-based service providers will define the IT roadmap for the future.