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Why Being A Big Data Developer Is A Pioneer Career Choice In Healthcare Industry

Well, we are not unaware of the rise of big data developers from past couples of years in our country. Big data Developers are in huge demand in every industry throughout the world and so is in the healthcare industry. Very few people are aware that Big data developers can get fantastic career options in the healthcare industry as well. This post will give you complete information about the following topic-

How you can make a successful career as a Big Data Developer in the healthcare industry.

We will also discuss following sub-topics to give more info.

  1. Advantages of big data in Healthcare industry
  2. What are the skills to build career in Healthcare Industry?
  3. How do you become healthcare big data developer?
  4. Big Data in healthcare Industry.

Before digging into the main topic, let’s discuss some of the advantages of big data in Healthcare industry. Note it down away:

a). Advantages of big data in Healthcare industry


  • reducing cost overhead
  • curing diseases
  • improving profits
  • predicting epidemics
  • Uplifting the human life quality by preventing deaths

Demand of jobs in Big Data and Hadoop in Healthcare industry is also rising rapidly as organizations are showing interest in Big Data in getting better business insights, which enhanced their decision-making capabilities. Some predictions about the huge big data professionals are as follow:

  • At a CAGR of 42.1% -Forbes, big data will reach $99.31B by 2022.
  • There will be a shortage of 1.5M data experts by 2018, as Predicted by McKinsey
  • Calculated average salary of big data professionals, according to indeed.com is $135k
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b). What are the skills to build career in Healthcare Industry?

There are no special prerequisite skills needed to build career in healthcare industry. Knowledge about Linux language and other programming languages such as Java, Scala or Python could help you much. You will get a head start in learning Hadoop ecosystem tools like Pig, Hive etc if you are well knowledgeable in SQL. Similarly, you can work easily in HBase if you have prior knowledge in NoSQL databases. You can execute parallel processing over HDFS (Hadoop storage) easily with these languages.

c). How do you become healthcare big data developer?

It will work best if you are from the IT background, else you need to have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in health information management
  • HIMT (Health information management and technology). HIMT includes all the necessary knowledge that one requires to build career in healthcare industry. That are as follow:
  • Data warehousing and mining
  • Health information technology standards
  • Programming and software development
  • Quality assessment
  • Project management.
  • You should be from relevant field such as mathematics, biostatistics, or data science.
  • It is also good for you if you have experience working with clinical or other types of EHR data.

d). Big Data in Healthcare Industry:

Do you know? The US Healthcare industry generated 150 billion gigabytes (150 Exabytes) of data in the year 2011, according to Institute for Health Technology Transformation and the New York based research and consulting firm. It is used to build the largest database in the healthcare industry with over a hundred billion data points that reduce the cost of care measurement and manage the population of at-risk patients, thus provides the best clinical support. Some of the major aspects are as follow:

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  • In cancer Treatments and Genomics
  • In Monitoring Patient Vitals
  • In Fraud prevention and detection

Let us discuss them in detail:


  • In cancer Treatments and Genomics: To fight against cancer, maintaining 3 billion base pairs that constitute the human DNA is not at all an easy task. Using MapReduce programs, parallelization mapping the 3 billion DNA base pairs is what achieved by big data. Legacy systems are not well equipped to manage such a complex data to store, because a drug that is 100% effective for patients with a certain genetic profile or area will show a 0% effective rate to the patients who do not have the suitable genetic profile or are not from health conducive environments are not responding to the drug at all. So, a single genome in a human has 20,000 different genes. So it is quite difficult to store it in traditional database.
  • In Monitoring Patient Vitals: You cannot even think of working with unstructured data for analysis without big data. It help the hospital staff work efficiently as there are some hospitals such as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta that uses a sensor besides the patient’s bed that helps in taking care of the patient as a whole. It keeps an eye on patient signs such as blood pressure, heartbeat and the respiratory rate and thus operates even over 6,200 children in their ICU units. They store and analyze the vital signs that the traditional one is not able to do so for more than 3 days. Not only this but also, they take into use of Flume, Sqoop, Spark, Hive and Impala and warn doctors immediately if they observe any change in the patterns.
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In Fraud prevention and detection: It is a multibillion dollar problem worldwide. These are the ways that can help much to identify frauds

  • Use of real-time and historical data of medical claims
  • Weather data
  • Wages
  • Voice recordings
  • Demographics
  • Cost of attorneys and call center notes


It is an effective way to identify frauds at an early stage adopting various methodologies.

Time to sum up:  

These were some of the ways through which you can plan your career in health industry using big data. Gone are the days, when one medicine fits all rule was taken into action. Now, this method is quite cost effective with proven results. Feel free to drop your suggestions below!

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