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Why Being Found Guilty of a Crime Can Cost You Your Business

No one wants to go to jail – that’s a fact. Still, the uncertainties in life can confuse use to where we’re headed. Most people choose to be in the light by doing good even when it’s hard. They’re simply content even with money barely enough to make ends meet. They live like that every day, but the good thing is they can have a good night’s sleep thinking about what they did right. Then, there’s this type of person that’s in the dark. We are used to seeing something like that, even in the movies. A good movie will never be complete without a villain. They make the story interesting, give us goosebumps, and give sense to the movie.

However, this is not the case in real life. Being a villain isn’t as fun as you think it is on the TV. If some villains on the TV are idolized and praised, believe me, it’s the very opposite if this were the case. It can cost you your good name, your property, your car, your dream house, and even your family. But if you have a business and you get convicted for a crime, it doesn’t end there. It’s not just you whose fate is hanging by a thread but your business as well.

When faced with an accusation, people usually think only of jail time as the consequence. However, this is far from the truth. Aside from jail time and having to call a bail agency like Bob Block Bail Bonds company, there are still other things that a person will need to face. Say, the boss of a company is charged with a crime. Because of the charge, the police will have to ask an arrest warrant from a judge to arrest the businessman for his misdeed. The police will then exhaust all its efforts to find the boss charged with the crime. When he’s found, he will be arrested and taken into custody.

The police don't necessarily have to show the accused person of the warrant during the arrest, but they will have to do so in a given time once the person has been arrested. In the police station, the boss will be asked to undergo certain procedural requirements that are required by law. He will be held there until his initial court trial which is usually done two days after the arrest. It is every person’s right to have an attorney and to be able to speak to one. During the trial, the accused, who is also called the defendant, will make a plea to the court if he is guilty or not, and it will be up to the judge, based on the pieces of evidence on both sides, whether to rule guilty or not guilty.

If a person is sentenced as not guilty, he can then be released from jail and custody. Otherwise, he will need to pay fines or serve jail time. If the person owns a business, it will surely be affected. Customers may lose trust if the company carries a certain brand. In other countries, the person who committed something will usually offer a public apology in a press conference and will step down from their position. If the crime committed is serious, authorities will sometimes order closure or the company will have to face bankruptcy.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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