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Why blackjack is so popular

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All casinos have blackjack in their offer. Whether they are land-based or online, there’s always a possibility to play this card game. No casino’s offer would be complete without it. In fact, blackjack is one of the most popular card games any operator has to offer. Nowadays, it’s played worldwide and is known in almost every country.

Blackjack’s history

The first records of blackjack in history date back to 1700s to France. We can assume that the game is much older than that due to its simplicity, though. During the 1700s it wasn’t very much popular at all. It wasn’t until the 1800s with its arrival to the USA when it gained some traction. It became a must in newly legalized gambling halls. The rules did somewhat differ from the modern version of blackjack, but the core principles stayed the same.

The name blackjack is not original, though. At first, it was called vingt-et-un, meaning 21 in French. The name came from the Klondike Gold Rush prospectors, who named the game after the mineral zincblende, which was referred to as blackjack, too. Zincblende was often connected with gold and silver, and therefore, the prospectors agreed to name the top bonus in the game after the mineral, as most of the time it meant that they have found gold.

But why is blackjack so popular?

Here are some of the advantages blackjack has over other casino games.

Low house edge

Blackjack offers a house edge that can go down as low as 1%. House edge describes your chances to win against the dealer. The lower the percentage, the bigger chance you have - simple as that. Compared to some roulette games which have the edge on a level of 6%, that’s incredibly low. That’s why so many players turn their heads to blackjack - it offers one of the best odds of you winning out of all the games. And who doesn’t like to win at a casino? 

Even though statistically, the house always wins, you have a relatively good chance to come out with a profit out of a blackjack game.

Easy to play

The rules of blackjack are one of the simplest of any card game. In comparison to any other casino card games, such as poker, it’s much more straightforward. Moreover, the various kinds of blackjack don’t really differ that much from one another and have the same set of core rules, which can’t be said, for example, with poker.

The rules are clear. All of the face cards are valued at 10. The number cards’ value is self-explanatory. Aces are worth either 11 or 1, depending on the situation. Now, you get dealt two cards. If you hit a blackjack, which is a combination of a face card or a 10 and an ace, you win unless the dealer hits a blackjack, too, in which case it’s a tie. If you don’t hit a blackjack, you can either stand with your cards or ask for another. The basic rule of thumb is to stand if the value of your cards exceeds 16 and hit if it’s lower.

Furthermore, there are countless guides and strategies that can help you win a game of blackjack. It’s quite easy to get a hang of it fairly quickly. There is an element of skill involved in blackjack and it’s another reason for its popularity. For this reason, you do have some level of control in blackjack, in contrast to other games such as slots.

Additionally, if you like fast-paced games, then blackjack is something for you.

Every casino has it

Most, if not all, of the online casinos and their land-based counterparts, have blackjack on their offer. When playing in a brick ‘n’ mortar casino, blackjack can be a hugely entertaining game due to the social aspect of it. You interact with all the players and the dealer making for a great experience. 

Nowadays, due to the pandemic, it’s somewhat difficult to play at traditional casinos. Therefore, things like live online blackjack exist. You can bring the enjoyment of a blackjack game with a real dealer to your home, or wherever you want, as far as you have an internet connection. While the social aspect of it is more or less reduced, playing blackjack in online casinos can be just as fun. If you are an introverted person, you may find it much easier to play blackjack from the comfort of your house.

Blackjack is popular worldwide, wherever you live, you can bet that it’s already become a hit there. 

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