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Why Blockchain Technology is Attracting Students and Technical Experts?

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Blockchain is the current buzz and has taken over the internet by storm. With the aim to disrupt every sector, blockchain is on the way to showcase its power to the entire world. The technology offers security and ensures the safe way to store and transfer huge amounts of information across the network. Since blockchain technology is the future, the tech students are finding the technology worth making a career in.


Blockchain has made banking secure. It has eliminated the need for the traditional method of maintaining records where transactions were easily altered by any person. It is a cheaper and faster way to transfer money as it is highly decentralized and doesn’t involve the role of third-party. Since blockchain is immutable, the banking sector is at its very safe zone with real-time transactions. This could lead to greater trust between trade partners due to their access to shared and trustworthy records.


One of the biggest challenges faced by the healthcare sector is the maintenance of health records. Blockchain has the potential to secure a large amount of data easily. Earlier paper records were used but today, the whole scenario has changed. All the health records are maintained on the blockchain and it is now easy to access the information immediately anytime. The doctors are relieved because of the storage of secure storage of information that can be used at any time in an emergency. This secure storage has also increased the trust of patients since the records are in safe hands.

Real Estate

While buying and selling a home, a lot of paperwork is involved. Blockchain technology has simplified this process by eliminating the paperwork and making the use of smart contracts. Smart contracts are executed after certain conditions are met. Also, blockchain will make sure that the documents are stored securely and work is done at ease without the involvement of an intermediary. Hence, saving the cost. Other benefits include- Improved property search process, cash flow management, smarter decision making, transparent and efficient processing of payments.

Rentals and Ride Sharing

Startups like Airbnb and Uber have already started making use of this technology as there is no need for any middle-man company. Blockchain creates a peer-to-peer network for rentals and sharing of goods and services. The entire application can be made with the use of e-documents, e-contracts, and a proprietary scoring system such as credit reports, background checks and applicant profiles, including past rental history. Soon there will be a time when the technology will make sharing of books, tools, and furniture and pave the way to a digitalized and secured future.


The market for edtech is growing quickly and is estimated to reach $93.76 billion globally by 2020. Today, students are going for online learning and the need for verifying educational records has increased. Blockchain has created a way for employers and other educational institutes to access records. Students wouldn’t have to wait for their learning to start as the grades and records would be easily transferable on blockchain. It is an independent way of transforming education and can give rise to a future that will be free of worries.

Blockchain professionals should start making their career in the lucrative field of blockchain as this technology is all set to disrupt a plethora of other industries too. Moreover, the salary in the blockchain is the sexiest which makes blockchain the hottest career to pursue. Certifications play a great role to make you land a good company as blockchain certifications provide the recognition to the individuals and the chance to enhance their skill sets. Get certified and grab the high salary packages in top companies. That’s the power of certifications and you must prove your worth to enter the world of blockchain.

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