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The Top 3 Reasons Why Blogging Regularly Is So Incredibly Difficult

Reasons Why Blogging Regularly Is So Incredibly Difficult

Online business and marketing seem to have grown fast in little time. People prefer using it as it saves them lots of time and produces good revenue.

One such thing is blogging. Over the past years, more people have engaged in publishing blog posts.

If you own a website, you do need blogs along with it. And to run the blog, one needs to work on a daily basis.

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Though blogging may seem to be all fun and one can enjoy it. The story is not the same inside.

Blogging is actually difficult to do on daily basis. So today we will discuss some of those reasons in this article.

Let's get started!

Why Blogging Regularly Is So Incredibly Difficult

According to statistics, B2B companies generate up to 67% more leads than others per month. All the businesses with blogs have 434% more indexed pages.

For sure blogging has its perks and benefits a business in several ways. Yet people still find it hard to keep the blog updated daily.

Reason #1

The first reason that the majority of us don't even know what to write in the blogs. The ideas you need depends on what type of work you do or niche you are in.

Only then one can generate the content relevant to it. But it can be hard at times to come up with so many fresh ideas on a daily basis. So one can solve it by following the tips given below:

Start Keeping a List of Blog Post Ideas

Make a list for yourself of all the ideas that you can return to, whenever there is a need. Text editor or word processor are best for doing so.

Or you can go for a spreadsheet too to maintain the list. If you carry some journal or notebook, write in that.

Try to keep it easy and accessible. Keep sections of it for ease of usage. Like make categories for writing gigs, podcast, and guest posting and so on.

Then you can add on the ideas on specified category. Keep adding and you will have a whole lot of ideas to work on.


Next one the lack of time. You can't leave the errands and sit to write. Or you can't put up anything in your blog. It needs time and lots of focus. Apart from maintaining a blog, people have lots of other things to do and get done with.

One needs to work the content, its layout, its presentation, perfect pictures to post with it. All these things need some real-time and effort. This is a major reason why people lag behind in updating their blogs.

So you can use this tip to help yourself out.

Schedule Your Blogging Time

So if you procrastinate and think that you will get some time later. That won't happen. You need to push yourself into this and have a proper schedule for every activity.

That would help you out with other problems too and you can have some free time as well.

So instead of waiting for the right time, learn to make the time right. Make a timetable/schedule and choose a certain time that would be only for blogging.

It can be some specified days of the month or specific hours each week or anything that suits you.



We may not admit it but often the reason is our self-determination. We ourselves don't want to do it and the work gets delayed.

One can't sum up the energy to push his/her will to the extent. So in the end, you lag behind.

On the other side, it can be your mood or health. No matter what the reason is, it will only cause trouble. To solve this you can go for one trick only:

The answer is easy, one needs to have a clear and defined intention. Only you can push yourself and one way is to put up a deadline.

Then your mind will for sure nudge you into doing that task and get it done.


We hope you will now get a hook on your blogging with these solutions.

A problem is only solvable when you know what actually it is. In case of any confusion, ask us for help.

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