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Why Businesses Have a Social Responsibility to be Eco-Friendly

Environmental damage is a topic which has received huge attention in recent years and leading experts are making it clear that now is the time to take action to protect the environment. While there is some pressure under consumers to make changes, most of the responsibility is being placed on businesses as they have the power to make positive change.

Social Responsibility

While certain industries are worse than others, all businesses use a tremendous amount of energy each day and companies of all sizes should be looking for ways that they can be more environmentally-friendly. In addition to the social responsibility, this can actually bring a number of benefits to businesses too including lower running costs and an improved brand reputation. Today’s consumer is becoming increasingly eco-conscious so taking action now is a smart way to be more appealing to modern consumers.

Travel & Recycling

So, how can a business reduce its impact? There are lots of big and small ways to make a difference so it should not be too hard to make a few positive changes. One of the key areas to focus on is employee travel - encouraging staff to walk or get the train is ideal and you could even incentivise this by paying for their train ticket to London. Another key area to focus on is recycling as you need to make it as easy as possible for staff to recycle items by having bins around the office.

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Businesses should also look at their energy usage too. Many businesses have slashed their energy bills and consumption through remote working during the pandemic (which also reduces the impact of travel) so this should be encouraged if possible. If this is not a feasible option, businesses can reduce their usage by switching to alternative energy or by investing in energy efficiency equipment - this can help you to make big savings in the long-run.

Green Materials & Suppliers

It is also worthwhile for businesses to look at the materials that they use in the daily operation and trying to use green materials where possible. You should also look outside of your own business and try to use green and/or local suppliers where possible.

It is hugely important that businesses of all sizes and in all industries find ways in which they can be more environmentally-friendly. It is businesses that have the power to make positive changes and they have a social responsibility to act, which can also bring a handful of other advantages too so it is a win-win situation.

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