Why Call Center Outsourcing India Is the Best Option For BPO?


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has become a common trend in today’s highly intense business world. No one wants to spend a penny more than what is required, especially when it comes to non-core operations like running a call center. Therefore, oftentimes, the quality of in-house call centers gets compromised. Mostly, in the developed countries like the US, UK, France etc., where the cost of manpower is really high, running a call center can be a major financial liability. Any compromise in costing leads to a degradation in quality, which in turn impacts brand image. In order to overcome this issue, outsourced call centers India provide the best option.


Call Center Outsourcing India Advantages

There are many developing countries with many companies that provide BPO services. But out of the many call center destinations, call center India outsourcing is the best because of the following reasons:

Stable political climate


To ensure stability of your call center, you need to outsource to call center services company India. Compared to other developing countries like Philippines, India is more stable politically and demographically.


India has a large base of call center talent that can be scaled to meet increasing requirement of businesses.

Technically adept workforce

Millions of engineers graduate every year in India. It means you get technically adept workforce to handle your challenging tech processes. Finding the same talent in a developed country could be extremely costly.

Last but not the least, Indian currency is weaker against and American and European currencies, which provides great cost advantage for business operations in the developed world.

Keep Customers Confident with Caring Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

Nowadays, loyal customers are hard to find. The preference of customers keeps on changing fast, and they change their product supplier or service provider frequently. To keep customers hooked onto your products/services, it is very important to keep them satisfied. Inbound call center outsourcing provides one of the best ways to maintain a positive relationship with customers, and that too without spending too much.

The Need to Outsource Inbound Call Centers

Although it is possible to run in-house operations, inbound call centers are best left to the experts. Customer care, tech support, helpdesk services etc. require expertise in multiple domains including but not limited to:


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) are two of the most important technologies required for running inbound call centers. You get the best software easily by partnering with established call center outsourcing companies located in United States of America like Vcare.

Networking infrastructure

Network and telephony solutions can be attained easily by partnering with an established outsourcing company. You get flawless network connectivity, high call quality and management of the entire telephony network.

Experienced management

The most important attribute of reputed call center companies is experienced management. With their time-tested expertise, highly-qualified managers can streamline the process and help you maintain a positive image amongst customers.

Which companies are best in customer service? Why?

Call center companies that have a culture of actually supporting the customers are the best in this category. There are many companies that only try to manage KPAs and statistics. Although these are important, the value of customer service is often lost when there is too much focus on performance-based stats.

Come to think of it, customer care has become very result oriented these days. Despite the importance of results, it is the actual rapport and bond that one builds with its customer that counts a lot. There are many customer service outsourcing companies that have made a name for them by keeping customer satisfaction high. Most prominent names in this regard are Convergys and Vcare. These companies know the value of customer relationships and try to solve their queries with diligence and dedication.


The experts will tell you that if you have experienced agents who have a will to actually support the customers, then the statistics will automatically take care of themselves. Customers who are served right by the customer support, they keep on coming back even when the product or service is faltering. The human element does make a difference, but achieving a good relationship with customers is difficult and only a few call center outsourcing companies can do that.