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Why choose myvirtudesk among other virtual assistant companies

Virtual assistant companies let businesses save effort, money, and time while they take care of human resources. Whether you need dedicated customer support, a marketing manager, administrator, or assistant — trained and qualified staff from myvirtudesk is ready to get to work.

Myvirtudesk offers virtual assistant services since 2016. The company collaborates with hundreds of remote experts to let your business easily fulfill the lack of trained staff. It started with the real estate companies in mind, but soon the set of industries was extended and now includes marketing, management, and support specialists for any business you have.

Even though there are many different virtual assistant companies in the market, this one stands out thanks to qualitative training programs, careful personnel selection, and a wide list of offered services. Let’s check a few more advantages below.

The easiest way to hire a great specialist

The hiring process is as simple as ABC. First, clients sign up and define the responsibilities they want to delegate. Then, the managers from Virtudesk match the order with the most relevant candidates. Once the candidate is interviewed by the customer and fits in, the managers help with onboarding and provide training services to be sure that the working process is arranged. Just in a few days, you get a new employee or a well-functioning team to complete the gaps in your staff.

And here is one more advantage — the virtual assistants are doing their job remotely. This lets businesses save on relocation, office rent, and working places. No extra charges, you just get the job done!

The long list of offered virtual assistant services

Your business should focus on main goals, while lots of jobs could be easily fulfilled by outstaffing. Virtudesk offers an impressive number of virtual assistant services to take care of almost any part of your business. The company helps minimize money and efforts while organizing the following departments:

  • Customer support — to answer client calls or emails, troubleshoot issues, provide technical information, and increase the loyalty of your customers;
  • Administrators — to arrange the work properly; content managers, personal secretaries, and the ones who work with documents;
  • Sales managers — to increase brand awareness and generate leads through cold emails and effective calls to potential customers;
  • Marketing specialists — to create your email campaigns, organize proper social media marketing, and boost your sales with qualitative multimedia design;
  • Transaction coordinators — trained for the real estate industry — help at all stages from an initial discussion with the potential clients, including scheduled calls, negotiations, paperwork, and management of the client information;
  • Management — to coordinate the employees and ensure that everything works as required.

Trusted and recognized virtual assistant services

As one of the well-known virtual assistant companies, Myvirtudesk is recognized not only by numerous happy customers but also awarded as the fastest-growing company in the USA in 2022. Since its inception, the company has got numerous awards to affirm its exceptional level of services and being a great place for remote workers.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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