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Why Choose Professional Year Accounting in Adelaide?

Professional year accounting is a career development program developed for international accounting graduates in Australia. The program helps overseas students gain knowledge about the Australian workplace and improve their skills further. The purpose of Professional Year Program accounting is to make them ‘job ready.’ The Accounting PYP (previously known as SMIPA) has been designed by CPA Australia, ICA Australia and New Zealand (Institute of Chartered Accounts) and IPA (Institute of Public Accountants). The program is run by these three accounting associations and is delivered by PYP providers who are registered and approved by all the three accounting associations.

The professional year accounting program is of 44 weeks’ duration and the course fee may range from $6000 to $13,000. It is approved by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The program helps to eliminate the skill shortage in Australia.

Reasons to choose Professional Year Accounting

There are several reasons to choose PYP accounting in Adelaide and these are as follows.

·         The course consists of 32 weeks of classroom training followed by 12 weeks of accounting internships in an approved Australian organization. Through this internship, students get a chance to gain valuable work experience in accounting jobs that are relevant. Besides practical knowledge and professional growth, it lays emphasis on workplace ethics and culture and Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) requirements.

·         On successfully completing the course, the candidates become eligible for 5 additional points on GSM points test held by the Department of Home Affairs.

·         The Accounting PYP is a combination of formal and practical learning.

·         Candidates learn about communication skills in the Australian workplace.

·         For 485 visa holders, it is a pathway for those who seek permanent residency in Australia under GSM.

·         Get to earn a PYP certificate

·         The PYP enables fresh graduates to be employed in Australia once they complete their university education.

·         Get valuable work experience in an Australian company

·         Enhance career prospects in Australia.

·         Great way to get connected with industry professionals

·         Lastly, it gives more weightage to your CV.

Course structure

The Accounting Professional Year Program has been divided into two stages.

1.      Classroom training: The first stage includes 8 four-week long subjects and is aimed at providing technical and communication skills necessary to take up a suitable accounting role in an Australian company.

2.      Internship/Accounting Professional Work Integrated Learning Placement: The second stage includes 12 weeks of professional internship program where candidates get an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills that they have acquired so far. This is the most important stage where students can improve their communication skills and develop a network with industry professionals. The internships are organized by a professional internship placement team in accordance with the candidate’s training requirements.

Accounting PYP Eligibility

If you meet the following requirements, you will be eligible to apply for the PYP in accounting.

·         Qualification

Candidates should possess an Australian accounting degree that is recognized and that grants at least 2 years of credit points. One should have completed the course over a minimum period of 3 years (18 months).

·         Age

Must not be more than 50 years old.

·         English language skills

A recent overall IELTS score of 6 with either a minimum score of 6 in each module or equivalent, demonstrating English language skills.

·         Skill assessment

Applicant must have positive migration skill assessment from professional accounting bodies

·         Visa requirements

Applicants must have a 485 Temporary Graduate visa with validity of at least 12 months from the date of commencement of the program or for the duration of the program. Otherwise, the applicant must have applied for a 485 Temporary Graduate visa and provide evidence.

Enrolling in Professional Year Program

To get enrolled in PYP, applicants need to put forward an application form, certified copy of passport, IELTS, proof of current visa status, copy of academic records along with skill assessment by the relevant assessing authority.

Choosing a PYP provider

It is important to choose a PYP accounting provider wisely because your career depends on it to a great extent and the right PYP provider can make your dream come true. Choosing a reputed PYP provider prepares you for an accounting career in Australia. The Professional Year Adelaide provider is an approved one and is a suitable platform. They make sure that when you complete the course, you are equipped to become a part of the competitive Australian job market. They have been providing internships to graduates successfully and continue to help students in getting employment. They partner with reputed institutes so that the applicants get outstanding program outcomes and eventually get absorbed after their internship. In addition, you get the option to pay the fees in easy monthly installments along with regular intake dates and flexible time tables.

If you have graduated in accounting in Australia and have plans to join the industry, it is wise to choose professional year accounting and stay ahead in the competition.

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