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Why Custom Metal Fabrication is Key to Creating a Better Product

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One of the wonderful plus points of modern metal fabrication is that so many intricate custom designs are now perfectly achievable. Rather than having to purchase prefabricated metal components, the industry now has such an array of choices available. Using the latest fabrication machinery, it is now possible to create cutting-edge designs and custom metal fabrications that meet with exact requirements.


Accuracy Guaranteed


When it comes to fabrication, Perth providers tend to use CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machinery for accurate results. Computers with specialist software are employed to control the precise movements of machine tools. CNC machining is ideal for forming, cutting, bending, milling, and drilling metals. In addition, this type of fabrication can be used to program even the most complex designs.


There is a whole world of possibilities that are literally at a CNC machine operator’s fingertips! And, when it comes to CNC machining Perth, no matter the complexity of a project, InLine Engineering will get the job done. We can fabricate even the most complex of components as many times as is required with absolutely accurate precision.


Staying on Track


When you choose to hire a professional company of metal fabricators, you can be assured that your project will stay on track. Even when you’re busy with other commitments, your chosen fabrication team will be working hard in the background to ensure your job is delivered on time. At InLine Engineering, we keep you informed. Our team will let you know exactly what stage your fabrication project is at every step of the way.


Safe and Reliable


When you outsource your Perth metal fabrication project to a professional company, you’re assured that your end product is great quality, safe, and reliable. At Inline Engineering, our planning and leadership are second to none in our field. We always fully comply with all regulations as safety is paramount to our work. No matter your issues, ILES provides real-time solutions fast.

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Adhering to Deadlines


A crucial aspect of any custom fabrication is having it completed on time. There is no use employing someone who has the talent to manufacture your components but who lacks the discipline to get the project completed on time. So, with this in mind and to make sure you’re not needlessly losing money, it’s important to employ a steel fabrication company that has the capacity (as well as the commitment) to meet your deadlines.


Why You Should Choose InLine Engineering Services


At ILES, we consistently go above and beyond customer expectations to deliver consistent results time and time again. Our engineering Perth services are superior, economic and innovative. We thrive on creative problem solving, always talking through each project solution with our clients so they are fully aware of the services we provide.


Since ILES began in 2001, the team has provided engineering and maintenance services to diverse sectors including the mining, resources, and marine industries. Throughout the years, we have manufactured custom fabrications for thousands of new and repeat clients. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you.


A Quick Guide to Steel Fabrication


So much of the world around us is dependent on steel fabrication. When you consider crucial aspects of life such as trains that need to run on tracks, the skeletons of buildings, roads and bridges, and so on, you’ll build up a good picture of just how reliant we are on this industry. It’s also important to bear in mind Perth steel fabrication is used in a variety of sectors that include transport, oil and gas engineering, nuclear and renewable energy.


Steel fabrication surrounds so many aspects of our everyday lives. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at what goes into great quality steel fabrications.


So, what exactly does ‘steel fabrication’ mean?


First things first, the term ‘steel fabrication’ relates to the manipulation of raw steel into a finished structure, product, or component. There are various steps throughout this process that include cutting, machining, welding, forming, burning, and assembly to create a finished product. A real ‘plus’ when it comes to Perth steel fabrication is that there are providers such as ILES that will get everything done under one roof while staying on budget and on time.


Steel fabrication takes expertise and skill


Steel fabrication engineers need to possess a variety of skills and training to produce precision-made, excellent quality fabrications. Of course, different providers will have specific selling points and strengths. So, it’s always best to choose an all-rounder for your custom steel fabrication requirements. Our customers return to ILES for their fabrication services time and time again due to our excellent, timely service that’s delivered on time every time.


What welding techniques are commonly used in fabrication? 

There are all sorts of particular techniques that are generally used in fabrication. Popular ways of welding are:

  • Spot welding. A technique that is employed to connect overlapping metal sheets
  • MIG welding (metal inert gas). Metal is joined together using a constant wire feed as an electrode
  • TIG welding (tungsten inert gas). A filler material and a tungsten electrode are used in conjunction to produce a weld

There are also various other processes that will be set into motion during steel fabrication, such as laser cutting, machining, drilling, leveling and so on. These will all be carried out by highly trained professionals with exacting precision.


Choosing ILES for your steel fabrication needs

InLine Engineering Services is one of the foremost mechanical engineering Perth providers. Established in 2001, we have been proudly providing our services to many industry sectors. Throughout the years, we have managed to balance the variability of customer demands with capacity. We perform consistently with a focus on integrity and quality of service.


We are fully committed to investing in our workforce as well as in the latest machinery to enable our team to provide the most comprehensive fabrication service possible to our valued customers. Remember, if InLine Engineering Services cannot do your job then it cannot be done! We look forward to discussing your particular project specifications with you going forward.

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