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Why Digital Vehicle Inspections Is the Next Big Investment Of Auto Shop

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According to recent data, there were a total of 276.1 million registered cars in the United States last 2018. The number is projected to reach 281.3 million by next year. Compared to the number of registered vehicles a decade ago, today’s streets are more congested with cars. That spells good news for auto shops as this opens up their stores for more clients. However, competition has grown stiffer in the industry as well.

At this day and age, growth is important. For auto shop owners, that means having to adapt with the dynamic changes in the auto industry. There are now countless solutions that can help auto shops run more fluidly and one of the most popular software to date are those that offer digital vehicle inspection.

Digital Vehicle Inspection In Hindsight

The solution is easy to figure out based on the name alone but of course, it is better to have a closer look at it. In essence, it is the process of thoroughly inspecting the interior and exterior of a car to find any issues or problems that need fixing. The inspection process also includes the documentation phase which allows the auto shop to store photos for future reference. It is basically an upgraded version of a manual checkup that is more thorough and definitely faster.

This solution is useful not only for an auto shop’s clients, but it is also useful for the auto shop itself. It streamlines a shop’s day-to-day process and it will allow them to process orders more easily instead of having to wait for its employees while they process each car one by one. In some cases, the digital solutions are sold as is. However, some are packaged with amazing auto shop software.

A good example of this tool is the one that comes packaged with Tekmetric’s shop management system. The brand offers an all-in-one auto shop software with features that include reporting, purchase orders, employee management, inventory processing, and many more. Of course, we are here to talk about its inclusive digital vehicle inspection feature.

For Tekmetric’s Shop Management software, the built-in digital vehicle inspection feature allows shop owners to easily create custom inspections and document vehicle findings a lot easier. Furthermore, uploading of photos is a lot faster to do as well. Considering Tekmetric’s software is an all-in-one package, it truly is worth every penny that the shop owners spend.

Is It Worth Investing On?

The truth of the matter is, these amazing digital solutions aren’t exactly free. However, auto shop owners shouldn’t see it as an extra expense waiting to happen. Instead, they should see it as an amazing investment that will pay for itself over time.

Digital vehicle inspection software pushes an auto shop’s performance to new and improved heights. They will be able to produce amazing results in time and this could greatly increase customer satisfaction, thus increasing potential income as well. As such, auto shop owners should and must buy these solutions.

If owners really want their money’s worth, then they should immediately consider purchasing auto shop software that comes packed with built-in features. Most of the software providers offer trial periods and demos so shop owners can check the worth of these solutions themselves.

Becoming an auto shop owner is no easy feat. The performance of the entire establishment relies on the speed and quality of results. Surpassing the bar raised by the customers is an even harder feat to achieve. In fact, it may only be reachable through the use of digital solutions. In closing, auto shop owners should open their eyes to the vast number of benefits that come with the digital age.

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