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Why Do Men Worldwide Like Asian Women So Much?


The latest data analyzing users of Facebook dating apps showed that men of all racial groups like Asian girls the most, except, oddly enough, Asian men. Men recommend dating Asian women to their single friends because they find they are much more sexually appealing than other girls. Part of this popularity among Asian women seems to be related to aesthetics, as a 2012 study of attractiveness by Cardiff University found that East Asian women scored the highest.

The Desired Bride

Even the recent boom of Russian girls is gradually shifting towards Asian brides and Thai, Korean and Filipino women are beginning to lead as future wives. A man’s dream is to have a wife who wants to please him, appreciates his love, and values his efforts to build a home. Men can find all these qualities in Asian culture. You will hear men refer to these values as traditional ones because that was once what united families. Here are some reasons for such popularity.

1.   Serving Husband

Asian culture teaches girls from an early age that a man is in charge of the house, and a woman is an assistant who takes care of him, while this position is not a servant, but a mistress of the house. Thus, taking care of her husband becomes almost the main occupation of an Asian woman, along with arranging a home and raising children, which means that the life of such families is more harmonious, unlike couples where a strong woman gets along with a passive man.

2.   Desire to Leave the Homeland

Most women are not attached to their country and want to get married and have a better life. According to Asian women, men from the West treat women better than men from their home countries. In her country, what she does for her man or her husband is natural and expected from a woman. While most western men expect that a girl does not have to please him and love him for who he is. When an Asian woman does this, she grows in the eyes of a man. For an Asian woman, a man does not have to be super-rich or look like a movie star, it is enough that he treats her well and shows his love.


3.   Influence of Culture

Asian countries, in which patriarchy still reigns, have their own culture of raising girls — they learn from childhood to keep home comfort, obey men and raise children. An Asian woman will not argue with her husband, she will consider that he knows better what to do. A special role in the behavior of an adult Asian woman plays large overcrowding of the population; it is not uncommon for children of different genders of all ages to live in the same room. Thus, Asians are less shy than women of other nations.

Scientific Rationale

Dr. Ed Morrison, senior lecturer in the Department of Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, says the basic evolutionary theory for partner selection is optimal outbreeding — the best partner is someone who looks like you, but not too much. Western men may be attracted to Asian women because they are genetically different.

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