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Why do Retail Hangers Increase Your Turnover?

Retail hangers can proudly hold and display your clothes and accessories. There are several types of retail hangers available today, ranging from the old hated plastic hangers to modern green solutions multipurpose retail racks that can accommodate branding. Switching to a stylish rack pleasant to the judgmental eye of today's customers can significantly boost your profitability. But can retail hangers increase footprint to your store? According to sales experts, retail clothing racks will increase your store's turnover and consequently impact your store's profits. Here are five ways how:

  1. More capacity for your products

Besides displaying your products for every shopper that passes by, hangers can offer up to 50% more space for your clothes and accessories. You can easily pack more products on your hook, offering your customers more options. More products mean more sales and profits. Also, having numerous choices for your clients is one way to attract more customers as they are sure you have what they need. Just like mega-stores offer a one-stop-shop for all your needs, retail hangers can make your store the destination for clothes and accessories. Nonetheless, you still need to ensure you are providing better quality and services than the immediate competition.

2. Improved store organization and aesthetics

People are attracted to beautiful things and aesthetic spaces, especially when it comes to shopping. No one wants to visit a dusty store with loosely hanging displays and clothes heaped on top of each other. On the other hand, not many will pass on the opportunity to shop at a clean, well-organized store that has lovely retail assistants. Several things go into making a store pleasant to customers and using hangers is one of them. With many options available, you can organize your clothes, accessories and special offers differently to improve functionality and aesthetics. The cleaner and more organized your store is, the more traffic it will attract from surrounding communities.

3. Marketing, branding and customer support

Modern retail hangers can allow you to integrate various branding and customer instruction elements. You can find racks that have a unique display section where you can tell customers more about the product. You can also request them to leave reviews on your official website or take advantage of a coupon. Small and strange things draw customers. A simple quote or description can inspire curiosity and create a unique experience that leaves the customer loyal to your store. Satisfied customers also spread the message to other prospects resulting in more sales. With high-quality, branded hangers, customers can have something to remember about their shopping experience. Since customers can also take hangers home (for some products), it functions as a business card. Anyone who holds and looks at the hanger will learn about your business.

4. Showing concern for the environment

Customers have different concerns and preferences. As such, you should try to carve out a niche, but also try to accommodate as many demographics as possible, especially if you own a retail shop. Using eco-friendly hangers that have the least harm to the environment will appeal to environmentalists and those who love green solutions. People that have strong views about preserving the environment may not like the idea of shopping at a retail store that uses plastic hangers. On the other hand, no one is against premium quality eco-friendly retail hangers, so making the switch from plastic won't hurt your enterprise in any way other than the initial capital investment. A section of plush hangers to match expensive brands and accessories also makes more sense for the sophisticated customer.

5. Function as giveaways

Customers love giveaways, which is why virtually all businesses offer coupons, freebies, discounts and other gifts. Most clothes and accessories come with hangers and customers consider these free giveaways that accompany the product. It is more convenient since you do not have to buy another rack for your new purchases. As a retail store owner, you can invest in high-quality hangers that will serve your customers and also push your brand further. Since you can add brand messages and info on the hanger, any person who uses it will instantly know about your business. What's more, your customers will come back to your store, trusting you for top-quality products.


Retail hangers are essential for display and organization purposes. They also significantly increase your store's capacity so you can sell more products. What's more, you can offer hangers as part of the sale, which opens up opportunities to spread your brand around by customizing the hangers. Nonetheless, you must provide reliable quality hangers that suit retail and customer needs. Several other factors determine how much traffic or turnover your store witnesses. This includes business credibility and reputation, affordability, population and competition, among others. Having great retail hangers is only one of the things you can do to attract more customers, but you must still ensure everything else, especially marketing, is streamlined.

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