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Why Do The Wall Tiles In A Bathroom Get Cracked?

Bathroom tiles are extremely prone to cracking. Cracks can appear in the tiles even if you have just built your house. Surprisingly, they are not mostly the tile’s fault. There are many other factors that can create cracks in your bathroom tiles. All of these causes are explained below.

Why Do Bathroom Tiles Crack?

There are several reasons due to which wall or floor tiles in the bathroom crack.

1.Sub-Quality Tiles

Sometimes the actual fault is in the tile. You may have used a sub-standard or low-quality tile. That’s why it is extremely important to go through the specifications of the tiles before buying them. Good quality tiles will have a longer life span. We advise to only buy from trustworthy retailers like wall tiles UK. Especially if you are going to buy tiles for bathroom floors or walls.

2.Improper Fixing Methods

A proper method for installing tiles while keeping in mind all the factors is essential. If the tiles are not placed properly, they’ll crack within weeks or months of use. Make sure the tiles are laid properly by professionals. Similarly, the adhesive used should be very secure and there should not be any gaps behind the tiles to avoid any large cracks.

3.Heavy Pressures

If heavyweights and pressures are placed on wall tiles, they will crack. Wall tiles aren’t designed to tolerate hard impacts. You may have applied way too much pressure on the wall tiles while cleaning, or you may have hit them with a heavy object that caused them to crack. Ceramic tiles are strong and of good quality. However, if there are underlying issues in the fixation or installation, they may crack under some pressure.

4.Temperature Changes

Sometimes extreme temperature alterations can make wall tiles prone to cracks. If you enjoy extremely hot or cold showers, it can weaken your tiles with time. Especially, when the tiles aren’t of the best quality.

5.Cracks in Concrete

People often forget that it is not always the fault of the tiles. If the material beneath them is cracking it will crack the tiles as well. The concrete under the tiles may contract or expand which leads to cracking. Another reason for concrete bathroom cracking can be improper curing of the concrete before placing the tiles on top. There are also instances when the tiles are placed over the control joints that make them crack.

6.Moisture Penetration

Another important cause of tile cracking in the bathrooms is moisture penetration or seeping of water through tiny spaces. Water has the ability to seep through small spaces causing the wall behind the tiles to swell. This can result in cracking the tiles.

7.Spaced Joists

Joists are wooden beams that are placed wall-to-wall above the subfloor to provide support. Joists are meant to anchor everything that’s placed on top of them. If there are unreasonably large spaces between them, the tiles will become unstable and eventually will crack. In most cases, this is the main reason why floor tiles crack.

Bottom Line

It is not very easy to identify the main cause of the tile cracks. However, if you are seeing these cracks increasing, get them checked as soon as possible. They can be an indication of a bigger problem, so it is better to get everything checked within time.

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