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Why Do You Need an SSL Certificate For Website?

SSL certificate

If you look at the top of a secure website page, you will find the ‘HTTPS’ sign. The ‘S’ signifies that your site has a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. It means that your connection is secure and now almost every site has it. If you are thinking to host a website, you will need an SSL certificate, and there are many reasons for it:

Protection against the Hackers

The information between your site and the device that you have is exchanged with the use of HTTP.  But that is a text protocol, and the HTTPS is the secure version of it. It will encrypt the information between the two, so any information sent between the two points is scrambled, and it is unreadable.

If you are sensitive details over the internet on any site, you need first to make sure that it is well protected. If you want an e-commerce site, it should have an SSL certificate.

Gain the Trust of Visitors

Readers trust a secure a site more than one which can be harmful to their device.  A few years back, not too many people knew about it. But things have changed dramatically in the past few years. Now you can easily buy a certificate from the hosting services provider and that at reasonable prices. Without any SSL certificate, the site will be raising the red flags which may turn them away.

Better SEO rankings

If you have created the site with a lot of investment, you will surely want it to give you returns in the long run. To this end, you will want to make sure the site is appropriately optimized.

The best thing about having an SSL certificate is that the Google search engine gives preference to those sites that have SSL certificates.  If you ask any expert in the domain of SEO, he will tell you that it is vital for your sites to be on the first page of the results.

Better Site Speed

Your site ranking is determined by the site speed, and the faster your website is, the more people will visit the same, and the higher will it appear in search results.

When you apply an SSL certificate, it will shift to HTTPS, and this improves the loading speed of the pages. You will get performance from the site and so will your audience. The users are likely to return if they find out everything loads in quick time.

Prepared for Future

SSL certificates are not the ultimate defense, but they are a good start. The TLS is the next thing, and you may find the two being used interchangeably. The TLS is stronger due to more verification, improved algorithms, and also the better key generations.


You need SSL certificate for your site to improve the performance and to win the trust of your website. Still waiting? You should get it immediately. 

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