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Why do you need animated videos?

Animated videos can be classified according to their purpose, the tasks they are supposed to perform.

In general terms, these tasks look like this: sell, train, present, inform, and a separate type (format) - design for television programs.

In addition to the classification according to the tasks that the video should perform, there are also different styles in which animation videos are performed: 2D and 3D animation, video scribing (doodle video), etc. So, let’s talk about main things.

Task 1. Sell

The main purpose of promotional graphic animation videos is to sell products or services. The specificity of an animated selling video, an infographic video, an explainer video is that the call to purchase is carried out through an explanation of the advantages of the goods and services offered. This is a new type of advertising - intelligent advertising, where there is no place for imposing unnecessary services on the consumer. In such a video, it is important to answer the question, offer a solution to the problem that worries the viewer, explain why it is the best. This determines a certain structure of the narrative in this type of video: setting a problem, describing its solution, a call to action, etc.

Task 2. Train

A classic example of a common video tutorial is a tutorial video. The main purpose of such a video is to teach, explain how to use, for example, some kind of service. The animated training video can be widely used for any educational purpose. This is a good way to effectively convey information in an easy and memorable way.

Task 3. Present

Video infographics are widely used in various presentations, since they are an effective means of conveying the necessary information to the audience. An animated video is well remembered and has a greater response from the audience than a regular presentation, of course, provided that the video is made with high quality. Video presentations are often designed to serve the purpose of selling a product or service, however, unlike a selling video, explainers have a different narrative structure, quite often a longer timing, and rarely include a direct call to action.

Task 4. Inform

This type of video is designed to convey to the audience a message, sometimes rather short, for example, about an upcoming event, etc.

Task 5. TV broadcast design

Such a video has its own specifics, it includes the packaging of TV programs, different graphics for programs, news, etc. Styles can be very diverse. This is a separate direction of motion design, it is called broadcast design.

Animation video styles

As for the general styles in which you can create animated video, they are the following: 2D and 3D animation, video scribing (doodle video), animated (kinetic) typography and their various combinations. There is one more style in which you can perform videos of the described types - stop motion, it has its own characteristic features and the specificity of production differs from the creation of classic animated videos.

Absolutely all of the above types of video can be performed in such styles.

Benefits of an animated video

An animated video is a fairly universal format for most companies that want to advertise their products or services. Staged videos are not affordable for everyone. Reportage is not always possible - sometimes a business has nothing to show, except for a small office. In this case, just pay attention to animated videos.


Animated - a video made using animation of ready-made or specially designed graphic materials


Animation videos are the easiest to categorize according to the complexity of production.

  • Simple - an animation video made from ready-made graphic materials, footage. The materials are either provided by the customer or taken from open sources on the Internet. Only a motion designer is involved in the creation. These videos are usually the cheapest.
  • Difficult - an animation video in which graphic materials are drawn by an animator. And after that, a motion designer works with them, animating these objects. Such videos are several times more expensive than simple ones due to the high cost of the artist's work.

When is it needed?

Finally, let's move on to the benefits of animated video.

  • Low budget for video ads. This is the first, but not the main reason. The cost of short animated videos in the regions varies, as a rule, from 5 to 50 thousand rubles.
  • The advertised object is intangible. The second reason is already more significant. Not every business produces its own product or has impressive trade pavilions and production sites. Many services cannot be presented visually either. This applies to intelligent services, Internet services, multimedia services, startups, small industries, unfinished construction projects and many others. Animation allows you to schematically and beautifully visualize what needs to be conveyed to the target audience.
  • The style of a company or brand is closely related to animation. This is not a common case, but it also happens. A company can use animation in everything from posting on social media to product labeling. In this case, the animated video will fit very well into the general concept of the company or brand.

An animated video is a great choice for any company. In some cases, it allows you to save a lot, in others - to stand out positively and emphasize your style. Good animation is cool.

Suvangkor Chakma
Suvangkor Chakma
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