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Why Do You Need Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Why Do You Need Brown Kraft Paper Bags d30375ce


Make shopping easier with brown kraft paper bags!

Talking about brown kraft paper bags might not be one of the most interesting topic but it will definitely help you understand the difference between types of bags and why you must use brown kraft paper bags in your businesses like take out business, restaurants or food business.

Types of Paper Bags

With the wide variety of paper bags available in the market, it becomes really hard to pick the product that will suit your requirement the best and the needs of the business. Keep reading on to learn more about it.

Brown vs. White Paper Bags - Paper bags come in two major colors i.e. brown and white. The brown kraft paper bags are the ones that are used quite frequently than the white counterparts while the brown kraft paper bags are usually used with the logo or appearance to look better. Regardless of the color choices, most of the businesses choose thick construction that’s not easily tearable and rips apart.

Decide which paper bag is the best for your business - If you run a small business or a restaurant or a small deli, brown kraft paper bags or the kraft paper bags with handles will work the best and will be the useful choice for your business. The grocery stores need heavy weighted paper grocery bags or the sacks for carrying it. So, these are not very usable in the grocery business. Liquor stores or the beer shops use the wine bags while the merchandiser bags work for the bookstores or the boutiques. If you run a farmer’s market or a produce stand, you can go for these brown paper bags. Even for the chocolate or cookies, these bags will work the best. It’s a great choice for bakeries and cafes.

Selecting the Best Paper Bag - Whenever you’re selecting the best brown paper bag for yourself, you must go by the height, weight and width measurements. There are a few units that are used to measure the capacities of the paper bags and it might include ounces, pounds, inches, quarts, liters, pecks and so on. A peck is the one that’s equivalent to 8 dry quarts, 2 gallons, 16 dry pints or around 9 liters.

Pros and Cons of Using Paper Bags

If you’re facing difficulty deciding whether you must go for paper bags for your business or not, then consider the following important factors -

Pros of Using Paper Bags

       Brown paper bags are 100% biodegradable, recyclable and reusable.

       There are many paper bags that can withstand the pressure or weight more than the plastic bags.

       Brown paper bags are really important for the environment.

       The paper bags present very less suffocation risk for young children and animals.

Cons of Using Paper Bags

       These bags are not waterproof.

       These are more expensive than plastic bags.

       These bags take up more space than the plastic bags and are generally heavier.

To briefly paraphrase, there are both advantages and disadvantages of using paper bags so whenever you're making a choice for your business, it’s important for you to make an educated decision that’s the best for your. If you’re the one who wants a classic look, go for kraft paper bags with handles because they’re a great option for school, bakeries, bookstores, restaurants, catering organizations, grocery stores or deli.


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