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Dedicated Server: Why Do You Need It?

Many web-hosting buyers don’t fully understand the difference between shared hosting and dedicated server, and they often end up buying a hosting that they find cheap even if it means choosing a low end shared server and when they need something far better.


Shared Server Have Limitations

If you have chosen a shared server hosting without fully knowing the repercussions, then you might have made many compromises. Do you know you might have been sharing the server with thousands of other sites? These servers work best for small websites which don’t have high traffic and essential data. However, if you have a large business, the dedicated servers are most suitable. If you compare the dedicated server price in India, you will find that they are priced high compared to other kinds of service as they come with more computing power. But if you run an e-commerce business or have a popular website, you will need a server which offers better performance. It doesn’t crash affecting traffic to your site, and that may lower the reputation of your business.


Dedicated Servers offer Numerous Benefits!

There are numerous benefits that the dedicated server offers:


Better Page Load Speed

When you choose a dedicated server, the response time is far better as compared to shared hosting. Better computing resources mean that site gets improved page load speed. Furthermore, you are better equipped to handle the occasional traffic spikes if there is a promotional campaign being run on your site. In a similar situation, a shared server would crash. If there is a load on the server due to another website, the performance of the site also gets affected.


There are limited resources on the shared server, and it is not possible to scale the resources that are there on it. However, when you are on a dedicated server you have enough resources and scalability is hardly a task.

Access Control

A key benefit of having your server is that you have full control of the underlying physical server so that you can manage it the way you want. You can install the desired software as and when you need it. You can choose the operating system whether it is Windows or Linux.

Enhanced Security

For any site, data security is of high importance, and if you stored essential data on the server, then you will prefer to have high security. The software firewalls make it sure that the regular malware scans are done to prevent the possible hacks and avoid data breaches.

Better Prepared For Future Growth

When you go for a dedicated server, you are better prepared for future growth and higher traffic on your site. You will have all the control, and even if you choose to have large image files or videos, it will not affect the site speed.


In the End

You need a dedicated server for performance improvement and to handle high traffic spikes. You should compare the dedicated server price in India, and choose a provider that offers the best price.

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