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Why do you need invoicing software?

Issuing invoices with invoice maker software is one of the basic accounting duties in the company. To simplify it, entrepreneurs often decide to entrust this task to external entities or create an accounting department to assign this obligation. However, thisis not a solution for a small company to take into account costs. Also, an entrepreneur who wants to keep an eye on the business's finances and access all documents, regardless of the time and place of stay, will not be satisfied with such solutions. In such situations, online invoicing software will work. How do they work, and what are their advantages? Issue any invoice

The online invoicing program offers great opportunities. It will work in a small, one-person company and a large enterprise. With its help, issue online invoices such as standard VAT invoice or invoice for the non-VAT, proforma invoice, internal proof, margin invoice, advance invoice, corrective invoice, MOSS invoice, and others, and do not worry about document incorrectness. Each of these facts will be displayed on a template prepared according to the Act's provisions on accounting settlements, which makes it legible and correct. At the same time, you have the option of adding your logotype and other elements of visual identification to the invoice - thanks to this, the contractor will immediately be able to recognize a characteristic, company document.

Invoices as per regulations

Tax accounting laws change very quickly. In the swirl of tasks and business decisions. Online invoicing means that you do not have to worry about amendments. Because the system will be automatically updated to new regulations and always comply with them.

Simple and quick invoicing

One of the biggest advantages of online invoicing systems is their ease of use and the ability to perform operations. Mobile applications, the tools allow you to issue invoices or control receipts on your phone or another mobile device. It is also simple to use the system on a desktop computer. The friendly and intuitive interface means that even a layperson can handle the issue of an invoice and its subsequent settlement.

Complete the data in seconds

The online invoicing system also saves working time. It allows you to complete accounting documents with the contractor's data. These will be loaded automatically from the Central Statistical Office (GUS) based on the tax identification number entered. This streamlines the issuing of invoices and errors in data and entering outdated information.

Invoices not only for Polish contractors.

The online invoicing system used by cooperating with foreign contractors. Thanks to the system, they will issue an EU invoice, i.e., the reverse charge. Additionally, the entrepreneur may issue foreign invoices in foreign currencies specified in the NBP table.

Debt collection

One of the biggest problems of small and medium-sized companies is the untimely payment of receivables by contractors. In the case of small enterprises, this may translate into a loss of financial liquidity and additional time spent on debt collection. The one with online invoicing systems is much simpler. The entrepreneur can control the payments for invoices on an ongoing basis and call the contractor for payment via SMS, e-mail or traditional paper requests sent from the system.

However, it is not just nature's concern that speaks in favor of switching to electronic invoicing. For an entrepreneur, savings are even more important. By transferring invoices to virtual space, you gain money (consumed by printing and often also by sending documents) and time. The profit will be the greater; the more contractors are to receive invoices. It is also impossible not to mention the space for storing paper documents. Racks filled to the brim with binders can be replaced with a disk of appropriate capacity. The last argument is the delivery time to the customer, which in the case of an e-invoice is only a few seconds.

These benefits are only available to traders using the right invoicing software. An ideal system should be efficient, safe, and easy to use.

No installation required

Most billing software requires installation on computers and configuration. It is a time-consuming activity and often requires specialist skills.

This makes it easier to implement it in the company and allows you to use it from any place and device. A relatively modern browser is enough to use the system because its interface is based on HTML and JavaScript. In addition, you will need Internet access and a PDF reader application. Nothing more. You can therefore issue invoices for your contractors both on a desktop computer or laptop, as well as on a smartphone and tablet. Which operating system you are using does not matter.

Convenience for both parties

The process of issuing an invoice is simple and fast. The system offers an easy-to-use wizard, thanks to which you can generate every invoice, bill, and receipt. It uses the information entered when setting up the account and the saved data of contractors, thanks to which issuing a document takes only a few minutes. You can use technical support or guides available on the website in case of problems.

The issued invoice will go to your contractor's inbox. All you have to do is enter his e-mail, and the system will deliver the document from the address of your choice. They also offer an invoice view registration function, thanks to which you will find out if the customer has received it.

100% percent security

The ordinance of the Minister of Finance of July 2011 says that it is the entrepreneur who should take care of the authenticity of the data on the invoice. Fulfilling this obligation fo users is very easy. When issuing a document in the system, you can put an individually generated QR code in its footer. Thanks to it, both you and your contractor will be able to check its credibility quickly.

The software also protects against unauthorized changes to the content of the invoice. This is possible thanks to the checksum, i.e., a unique code assigned to each document. Each of its modifications results in generating a new checksum, which secures the interests of both parties to the transaction. You can learn more about this and other functions on the website. It is worth getting acquainted with the system's possibilities that there are basic version which is one hundred percent free.

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