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Why Electric Cars Are Good for Companies

Most people own a personal vehicle to get them to work and around town. It is a privilege we often take for granted and a necessary expense for convenience and safety. Besides internal combustion engine cars, we now have electric vehicles that solve fossil fuel consumption. Many people are switching to this type of transportation to lower their carbon footprint and save money.

EVs are our transportation future, but besides owning one for you and your family, businesses are considering company vehicles. Do you have a business and wonder if EVs are smart? 

Here is why electric cars are helpful for companies.

Reduction in Operating Costs

Most businesses operate on a small margin, and anything they can do to save money provides more cash flow and allows for improvement and innovation. One way to reduce costs is by changing vehicles to electric.

EVs save significant amounts if you have only one company car or an entire fleet. The obvious one is the fuel savings because you don't have to fill up with gasoline. You can charge at your business or use charging stations around the city or along your routes. 

There is also a reduction in the requirement for maintenance. An electric car has fewer moving parts and doesn't need maintenance as often as an ICE vehicle. Money saved is money earned.

Government Incentives

Depending on where your company operates, there may be incentives that encourage businesses to switch to electric cars. These include:

  • Purchase subsidies
  • Tax breaks
  • Rebates
  • Access to charging infrastructure

Beyond the incentives, you may also be exempt from certain taxes on pollution and emissions regulations within your country. There are some incentives for installing charging stations as well.

Convenience of Charging

The best part about operating an electric car is that it doesn't require fossil fuel. Time is saved on business driving because there is no need to stop for refuelling. Depending on the daily demand for driving, most EVs can be charged at night. 

Utility rates in some areas are lower during off-peak hours, so you can use special time-of-use rates for charging. Many companies have their electric vehicles charged overnight, so they are ready to go with a fully loaded battery in the morning. 

If you need to charge the battery during the day, some businesses have level 2 charging stations in their parking areas for convenience. There are also commercial charging stations and rapid charging at level 3 on many traffic routes.

As the EV infrastructure grows, there will be more options for charging both in-house and in the community. Fleet charging solutions are available for businesses that rely predominantly on EV transportation.

Access to carpooling lanes

While this may seem like a small benefit, it can save time when driving a company vehicle to appointments and clients. During rush hour and other peak driving times, you and your employees are stuck in traffic. However, many cities allow EVs to use carpool lanes, regardless of solo driving.

Environmental Benefits

We all know electric cars have zero emissions, and every company should get behind them. Without fossil fuel burning, your company vehicle will not contribute to greenhouse gases. This means cleaner air and better overall health for us and the planet. 

Batteries in an electric car last between 10-20 years, depending on the make and model, and this means fewer components in landfills. The batteries are very efficient, and once a company sets up an efficient recharging program within their operation, there won't be any inconvenience in operating them at all. 

You can promote your company as having a green operation, and customers and clients want to work with businesses that are part of the environmental solution. 

Attract Top Talent

People want to work for companies on the cutting edge of environmental issues. Having an EV business fleet shows potential employees that you care about their health and the planet's welfare. 

Those concerned about making a difference tend to be more conscientious and dedicated. While there is much more to hiring the right people for your company, knowing they align with your green vision makes for a more cohesive and engaged workforce.

This is why electric cars are helpful for companies. You can start small with an electric vehicle and then change over as you add more cars. It is a wise investment in your company and puts you ahead of the pack in green initiatives. This makes you a progressive and positive company to work with.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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