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Why Employees should be encouraged with Better Performance?

Some organizations fail to understand the significance of employee encouragement. They just don’t know that 45% of their company’s growth is based on employee’s motivation and appraisal.

That’s why most of the newcomers in the business field cannot find the right way to lead their employees, whereas experienced business owners give a major part of their attention to the motivation and appraisal of the employees because they understand it quite well that this motivation is gonna give their company a real boost.  

Importance of Employee Encouragement

The main purpose of an organization or a company is to achieve the highest level of their goals. That’s why companies never compromise on anything that leads them to their goals, and an employee is one of them, more trained and motivated employee means more chances of achieving the best outputs. That's why HR managers use various ways to motivate employees.

Similarly, a discouraged and less confident employee can lead your company to the path of downfall. So employee encouragement plays an important role in the rise of a company. That’s why performance appraisal of an employee must be paid most of the attention in order to make progress.   

Benefits of Employee Encouragement

Now, let’s have a look at some of the major changes and benefits brought in a company by employee encouragement:

Raises Trust and Loyalty

When a company works on the motivation of an employee and appraise him for his performance, it develops a trait of sincerity and honesty in the employee with his company. The employee dedicates himself to the company because it is the one who is working hard to make him a professional in his field, thus this leads to a company having a loyal and trustworthy employee.

Improves satisfaction

The more an employee is appraised for his performance, the more he gets satisfied with his job. The thought that his managers are happy with him makes him comfortable at the work. The feeling of utter satisfaction helps him work with a more focused mind and he put all his effort into the work, thus leading the company to the rise.

Increased Productivity

Performance appraisal also helps the employee to show increased productivity at the work. Encouragement builds self-confidence, self-esteem, and morale in his character and all these things boost up his productivity, as a result, the overall productivity of the company also increases.

Enhanced Efficiency

Employee encouragement plays an important role in enhanced and increased efficiency in the company’s product development. Appraising the employees on their performance affects their health, both mentally and physically. The employee’s energy and stamina boost up and he begins to show more efficiency in his work thus helping the company acquire its goals more speedily and in less time.

Comes up with Creativity and Engagement

It’s a fact that when you appraise anyone even a kid on his performance, he will surely become more engaged in the work, he will put all his mental and physical effort to prove himself more. Same is the case with an employee, when an employee has been motivated and appraised on his past performance, he begins to think more creatively and comes up with hundreds of new ideas that can help in the better development of the company. 

They are ready to make Commitment

An appraised and appreciated employee is always ready to make any commitment to his company. He knows that his company values and appreciates his skills, that’s why he never thinks of moving on to another choice and even makes lifetime commitment with his organization.

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