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Why Everyone Should Own Door Resistance Bands

People use resistance bands to stretch and strengthen their muscles. This is commonly used for athletic performance and physical therapy. The awesome thing about using resistance bands for exercise is that they can be used in the comfort of your own house or office. Resistance bands can target and stabilize muscles in your body that are not commonly used. Moreover, it can help you lose excess weight that you are carrying around and tone up your body. 

There are different types of resistance bands. The flat band is commonly used for physical therapy - good for mind-body exercise for seniors. There are superbands as well - made popular by CrossFit. This type of band is prominently used for pull-up assistance and partner exercises. 

One type is the traditional bands. These bands have plastic handles with long tubes attached to the ends. The long cylindrical tubes will differ in thickness. It could range from 10LB to 50LB, and what you will use will have to depend on the outcome that you are aiming for. Generally, the bands are color-coded. The yellow bands are for beginners. Green Bands have a light resistance, red with medium resistance, blue with heavy resistance, and purple for ultra-heavy resistance. 

The door resistance band is a variation of this traditional band. Let’s go through 3 reasons why you should own door resistance bands. 


When you think of such as treadmills, leg curl machine, bench press, abdominal bench, etc., moving them to a different place requires so much effort. It is physically difficult to carry them with you to the office or a different house.  However, door resistance bands are portable. Since they are small, light, and flexible you can just put them inside your gym bag. You can also bring them to the office so you can do a quick workout during your break or when you have idle time. 

This is such an important feature because it means that you can carry fitness with you. This will make sure that you can constantly workout your body anywhere, even stuff them inside a suitcase and use it during vacations. Moreover, it does not take too much space in your house as well. 


Unlike the typical gym equipment that I have mentioned above, door resistance bands do not cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. It typically costs around $20. This is an important thing to consider as you do not want to break your piggy bank while achieving your fitness goals. With door resistance bands, you can tone  

Effective Workout

When using resistance bands, your muscles and force are going against the resistance. This means that your muscles are in constant tension. It will get stronger and more defined as there is a contraction in our exercise. More than that, it also helps in the stability of your muscles. Since the bands are free-flowing equipment, it requires more control in your muscles and core. This will be beneficial as it improves not only your control but your focus as well. 

Final Thoughts

If you value the ability to bring your fitness exercise anywhere, door resistance bands are your best friend. You can take them anywhere, and it will feel like you’ve brought your gym with you. Furthermore, it is extremely affordable compared to typical gym equipment while at the same time providing you the ability to tone your muscles and enhance your control and focus. 


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