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Why Few Companies Use Hanger Boxes For Their Products

The Five Panel Hanger boxes are useful for the product hanging and to provide a clear view to them with an added window at the top. Their attractive shape speaks for the product quality and brings attention from customers. They have a punch hole on their top, which makes it easy for them to hang anywhere. They have an easy shape, and that makes them a demandable choice for many products. They are a suitable choice for many products such as electronic and handy items, some cosmetics, jewelry, and other things of daily use.

Gives An Attractive Display 

These custom mini boxes have a special aura that they spread to the products and helps in their display. The die-cutting technology is applied to these boxes that give them a top window. Whenever someone comes to purchase the products, they get a view from outside. The overall shape of the box is quite convenient to use and gives an appealing look to the products. The look of these packages complements the quality of the products. The packaging of the products plays an impressive role in their success. Using these boxes will help in bringing the product to the limelight and hence fetching more positive outcomes for the business.

Convenient To Use

The boxes have convenient designs, which makes them a useful choice for many products. They have strong solid support and have a friction lock which makes them easy to open and close. Their structure has four corners, and so it makes the product placement process easy and effective. The ease of handling has added many points to their effectiveness and has made them a popular choice for many products. The lock closure at the top further makes it convenient to open the box. They have an adjustable thickness which can be changed depending upon the needs and requirements of the products.

Available In Different Dimensions 

Customization has helped many companies to make different varieties of boxes. They are customized in different styles and dimensions. Their customization is done with the help of quality machines and technologies, which give the perfect shape for the box. Although they have a standard size and height, they can be modified depending upon the length and dimension of the inside products. The materials that manufacturers are using for them are highly flexible which can be changed to any shape of choice. Their easy modification and handling is the reason that many people are using them for their product packaging.

Safety Of The Products 

The product safety and its maintenance in the market shelves is the key concern of all the manufacturers. They want to have a safe package that can encase products in it without any inconvenience. The boxes have a handle on the top, which has a safety lock and punch hole for hanging on the walls. Because of these safety precautions, the products are kept in them safely. Even if it has to hang on the market wall, it still does not undergo any change in shape or design because of its sturdy structure. Their materials are also well-known for their strength and durability.

Helps In Decision Making 

Since they help in the accurate presentation of the products, they are useful to attract customers. Their attractive designs have a convincing power that persuades the customers to make the purchase. One reason for their popularity is their design. They can help the companies in generating more sales for them by deriving massive attention to them. The die-cut technology gives a top window to these boxes. The window is transparent and gives a clear view of the products. The customers can see the quality of products from outside, and so it assists in making the decision of impulsive purchase, thus bringing more profits to the company.

Useful For Many Products 

These boxes have a safe and useful design which is perfect for many products. Their stable shapes can encase many portable small items in them. The small bottles of perfumes which have a specific amount can also be stored in them with a little change in designs. Similarly, to attract a specific audience, many jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings, and rings can also be packed inside of these boxes. They give these delicate items a perfect view by hanging on the walls. Other than that, electronic items such as earbuds, chargers, and wireless headphones can also be stored in these boxes.

Easy Printing Of The Box 

To give these boxes a more presentable and eye-catchy look, they are printed with different technologies such as offset, digital, or screen printing. They have an easy surface that is suitable for printing. There is no limit to designs that can be printed on them. Many companies have chosen to make a custom design for themselves, and that serves as their identification factor. The printed designs on these boxes range from floral to geometric patterns. Their surface gets laminated so that they can have a smooth appearance.

Cost-Friendly Option 



The boxes are made from materials such as Kraft, Bux Board, or cardstock. All of them are sustainable and quality choices for packaging. Due to their non-synthetic properties, they have excelled in all the other available options. The companies prefer to use these boxes for their product encasement because they are not only safe but are available at an affordable price as well. They are available at a wholesale rate. Their customization and design do not cost much. They offer quality benefits to the companies at a very reasonable price. That is why they are considered the best option for product packaging.

The Five Panel Hanger has many benefits to offer. From providing an exceptional view of the products to getting all eyes shifted to them, they perform all of their jobs quite effectively. Their easy customization makes them suitable for many products. The sustainable nature of their materials has helped in adding one more point to their usability. They are easily recycled for any other purpose as well.

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