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Why Going on a Wellness Retreat in Thailand is a Good Idea

Did you know that you can ensure positive interactions with the world around and reduce the risk of illness with optimal wellness? For some of you ‘wellness’ might be a completely abstract concept. If you’re not sure what it is, let alone how to optimise it, let us help you. For example, one popular way to achieve this is by going on a wellness retreat in Thailand. That’s right, more and more people are discovering that the Land of Smiles offers a lot more than temples, boxing, mangoes, elephants and beaches. Let’s dive on in to discover in more detail what wellness is all about how to pick a worthy retreat.

What is ‘Wellness’?

In the hectic environs of the 21st century, maintaining a high level of wellness, and thus a high quality of life, is more important than ever. Wellness, as it relates to mind, body and spirit, is important because it strongly impacts our daily emotions and actions. Everything we think, do and feel is linked to our well-being. If your wellness settings aren’t fine-tuned to their optimal level, you could be performing below par, both at work and home.

Wellness is an active process of obtaining and maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life; it’s a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Most importantly, it is about change and growth; not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. When a person takes a conscious, active and ongoing approach to wellness, they can achieve their full potential.

Irrespective of a person’s age, status or wealth, wellness determines how we ultimately look, feel, interact and thrive in life and work. A state of wellness is characterised by good health, happiness and prosperity. Conversely, poor wellness manifests in the form of insomnia, stress, poor diet, physical inertia, obesity and heart disease.

Picking a Retreat

From spa treatments and relaxation activities to personalised training and bespoke nutrition, wellness programmes around the world vary considerably in their approach and execution. To help you narrow down the choices and choose the best possible wellness retreat in Thailand, here are our expert tips to guide you on what to look for when choosing a wellness programme.

  • Location – Many well-known detox resorts are on the beach, but you can also escape to the mountains or even the city centre. Where you go will play a big part in your success; so, within the constraints of your time and budget, choose a destination that will offer the setting you need to relax and refocus.
  • Programmes – Think about your goals and your time, do you want to do a 3-day or 14-day program; do you want to have activities scheduled from dawn to dusk or lots of free time; do you want a mix of mind, body and spirit practices? Do your research and find the program that best fits your personal requirements.
  • Accommodation – From private plunge pools and Jacuzzis to dorm rooms and bunk beds, resort accommodation runs of the gauntlet of categories. No matter your budget, you can find something to fit your needs. If a spacious suite with outdoor shower and king-sized bed will best support your wellness journey, go for it!
  • Food – For a lot of you, food won’t be on the agenda; you’ll be subsisting on fresh juices and broths. For others, a macrobiotic diet will take centre stage. Either way, your resort must offer quality food free from preservatives, additives and refined or processed ingredients; as well as gluten-free and vegan options.
  • Price – Finding something that fits with your budget is always a challenge as there is just so much choice out there. To get the most ‘bang for your buck’ look about and find a quality resort that ticks all the above (location, program, accomm, food) boxes and has stellar on-site facilities and glowing reviews.
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