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Why Good Barber Chairs Are Expensive – All That is Good is Priced

Are you planning to start your hair salon? Worried about how much to spend on what? Does the question about why good barber chairs are expensive pop in your mind?

Worry no more!

Undoubtedly, we will provide you with reasons for why good barber chairs are expensive? And why you should invest in one even if you have to cut down your budget from a few other things by doing so.

Why Good Barber Chairs Are Expensive – Quality Comes With a Price Tag

So, why do you need a good and expensive barber chair anyway? Why can’t a cheap alternative suffice?

Here’s a list of why not:

  1. First Impressions Matter

What is the first thing you notice when you enter a barbershop? The barber chair, of course.

A good barber chair sets the tone for your whole space. It is the first thing your customers will look at, in your shop. Hence, a good-looking chair will help you attract more customers.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to invest in something as pivotal as a good barber chair.

2.      Customer’s Comfort

If you are looking to start a service providing business you should know the importance of your customer’s comfort. Surely, one of the main selling points of your business is how you make your services an experience of a lifetime for anyone who comes to you.

Moreover, a good barber chair will help you in doing just that. The best barber chairs are carefully designed while keeping the comfort of someone who sits in it in mind. The materials, the angles, the structure all have to be perfectly aligned to relax anyone who came to you for a little pampering.

3.      Your Comfort

A barber has to be comfortable while doing his magic or his skills won’t be put to good use. The chair height and position should be changeable according to the different clients and services you are providing. You must be able to move the chair freely according to your needs and ease.

Therefore, when your customer is comfortable, so are you!

4.      Efficiency

When you invest in something expensive, you’ll want to get the maximum out of it.

While simpler chairs may be good for only hair cut or a shave, good barber chairs are efficient enough to support most of the services you provide on a day-to-day basis. For instance, they can recline, rotate, and support in all positions required.

5.      Durability

Spending your money once and getting paid back for years is a fair trade.

Wise decision, isn’t it?

This is why we suggest you splurge on an option that is durable and will last you years. A sturdy chair has all the right materials that remain intact even after years of use.

6.      Easy to Clean

As a barber, you’ll have to deal with cleaning the chairs very frequently. There may be hairs stuck or color dripped on your chair that could ruin any ordinary chairs.

But you don’t want to settle for anything ordinary, do you?

Your ideal chair must be easy to clean to save your precious time and efforts.

What Makes a Good Barber Chair – Technicalities to Look For

Talking about technicalities:

What are the tiny details one has to keep in mind while buying a worth-its-money barber chair? You may also want to check out the barber chairs guide to see which models fit you best.

1.      Recline

A functional barber chair must recline at least to a minimum of 45 degrees to accommodate most of the services. While a head wash usually requires even more, you may want to look for options that offer more.

2.      Weight Limit

Most good barber chairs offer a weight limit somewhere between 300-500 pounds. A high weight limit is necessary to fit all sizes of customers and still function well.

3.      Swivel

A smooth 360-degree swivel is necessary to function at all angles and views of a perfect hair cut or color. A good chair should be able to turn all the way and have no trouble while doing so.

4.      Headrest

A headrest should be the most important part of the barber chair if you ask me.

Because a barber’s main work is on the head and for that, the head should be well-rested. Your chair should have a comfortable headrest with variable positions.

Furthermore, a good locking system is a must to keep it in place whilst you do your magic.

5.      Footrest

A footrest is as important, if not more, as the headrest. You don’t want to leave your client’s legs in the air while you recline them for a shampoo. A good chair has a comfortable and moveable footrest.

But wanna know what’s even better?

A calf rest!

Yes, it is included in many high-end barber’s chairs.

6.      Materials

While the metallic exterior of the chair ought to be stainless and sturdy, the cushions and covers should be comfortable, good looking, and long-lasting. Moreover, you might want to dig into the best materials offered. Usually, the best chairs come in stainless steel or aluminum and PVC leather.

These materials are easy to maintain and serve the purpose well.

7.      Hydraulic Foot Pump

Barbers have to adjust chair height all the time with their hands full. And that is why, your ideal barber chair should have an easily accessible hydraulic pump that can be operated with a single foot so you don’t have to juggle your things while trying to prop up your client.


So, now that we have you set on how much there is to look for in a good barber chair you must know why good barber chairs are expensive? Because there are so many details that go into their making.

And this is a rule of thumb.

Undoubtedly, all good craftsmanship is expensive.

James loves to write about fashion, beauty, and relevant topics.
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